Friday night sportsbook betting at

It’s really never a bad day when it’s a Friday and you have plenty of online sports betting opportunities to choose from. Today certainly is no different, as the great weekend series in Major League Baseball will have all sports fans rushing the best online sportsbooks on the internet, and looking to cash in on all the excitement. Luckily enough for this writer, I’ll be able to catch some first-hand action tomorrow night, as I make a (hopefully) quick venture down to the O.C. for the Los Angeles Angels vs. the Atlanta Braves game, which should be an interesting contest being as though these teams have never met in inter-league play before. But for tonight, there’s plenty of great baseball action to bet on in our top sportsbooks, and I’m off to (read the review of to drop a couple of wagers on the key rivalries getting underway in a few short hours.

Joba Chamberlain is back on the mound this evening for the New York Yankees, as he goes for another win in an already impressive first season in a starting position. They will certainly hope that the Cincinnati Reds will be successful tonight at home against Boston, which would move the Yankee within four games of the AL East leading Red Sox. The Yankees look like a good pick to win tonight , especially with Joba on the hill, who is a very talented young fire-baller. I’ve got my dough riding on the Mets tonight at, as I’m counting on the New York Met’s to shut down the incoming Texas Rangers, as I know they’ll be looking to win in front of a home crowd. It’s certainly a risky bet judging by the way the Mets have been playing (and considering the newly improved Rangers team), but if anyone is in need of a win, it’s the Mets. Also, check out the great game between Philadelphia, who is just tearing opponents apart as of late, and St. Louis, who are equally an impressive team.

No matter what wagers you are looking to place, you’ll find plenty of great sports betting action in Major League Baseball tonight and through the weekend. I’m certainly excited to get the betting focus back on the diamond, after a very long (albeit amazing) NBA playoffs season. Hopefully not only for me, your online sports betting will become more prosperous, as baseball has certainly been more predictable and straightforward for betting online. Enjoy some of the great American Pastime this weekend, and check out all the great information and sports betting advice on our best online sportsbooks reviewed here at We’ll catch up with you tomorrow, and until then, good luck and happy betting!

Aaron G.