Saturday’s Major League Baseball sportsbook betting

Saturdays are great day for betting on sports. Today is certainly no exception to that rule, as there is a whole host of betting chances spread out across MLB baseball, which has plenty of great match-ups in store for sports fans, as well as Final round action from the U.S. Open golf tournament at Torrey Pines. For today’s online sportsbook betting, I have ventured over to one of the best online sportsbooks we have at, and placed a few wagers on today’s MLB games at (read the review of BetUS). Normally I wouldn’t consider myself to be a huge College Baseball fan, however after watching a few games in the super-regionals competition I have certainly grown an interest in this league as there has been exciting come-from-behind victories, huge game changing home-runs, and as always in College sports, great fans in the stands. With the games between Stanford and Florida State, and Georgia and Miami in for today, there is a host of previous College World Series winning teams to wager on in our top sportsbooks.

As has also been the case in the Major Leagues, there are plenty of great potential wagers to be had for Saturday afternoon, and being the big fan of baseball I am, nothing sounds better on a Saturday than taking out a couple of online bets, then relaxing while switching back and forth in between games. For today’s MLB action I’m going again with the great match-up between the Philadelphia Phillies and the St. Louis Cardinals, as well as the Los Angeles game between the Dodgers and Tigers. Since the Dodgers did happen to snap the win streak as I had planned last night, I will have to place my online sports bet on the Blue this evening, as I’m sure they’ll be bouncing right back. For the Houston vs. Yanks game I’m taking Mike Mussina who shoots for his 10th victory today, against a struggling Astros team.

With summertime just about officially here and baseball action happening all day everyday, sports fans have plenty to choose from in their favorite online sports betting sites. I highly recommend checking out the NCAA World Series this year, as day in and day out has exciting action, even if the outcome is just about never guaranteed, making it a bit harder to place wagers on. We at hope that you have a great weekend, with plenty of luck in your online wagers, and stay tuned for more sports betting updates each and every day.

Aaron G.