Wednesday comes with more exciting baseball wagering

There are times when you get really lucky betting in online sportsbooks, and there are times when the outcomes are almost unbelievable. Upon taking out a few wagers last night at our featured sportsbook at (read the review of BetUS), I was banking on solid performances from star pitchers to collectively score a three-team parlay wager win for Tuesday night. Little did I think of the possibility that all three pitchers I was banking on last night would come up with no runs scored against them, including 3 separate 7 inning performances, by the pitchers for the Brewers, Red Sox, and Yankees. Although shutout pitching doesn’t always make for the most exciting games to watch, these games certainly were some of the best games to watch when it comes down to pure pitching. With Andy Petitte, Jon Lester, and Manny Parra all pitching at the top of their game last night, certainly baseball fans were treated to 3 games with pitching at it’s finest level.

Elsewhere, John Lackey came through in the clutch, throwing a great game in the Angels win, as Johan Santana could not help the struggling New York Mets get by in inter-league play against the Angels. I certainly can’t expect to be that lucky every night in my online sports betting, however I’ll take it whenever I can. With a little extra change off of yesterday’s parlay win, I’m throwing some money on Ben Sheets and the Brewers once again, as the fantastic Mr. Sheets goes for his 8th win tonight against the Toronto Blue Jays. Betting on sports for tonight’s game takes place at another one of the best online sportsbooks and casinos at (read the review of, and you can be sure that the tried and tested sports book at this website will provide the most up to date lines, and great opportunities found anywhere, all with the best support and one of the nicest website interfaces on the internet.

If you haven’t had an opportunity for online sports betting on the College World Series, now is certainly that time. The games up until now have been back and forth excitement, and really have brought some great match-ups to the table. While I’m looking for underdog Stanford to go along ways this year, all the remaining teams are well-built ball clubs, and anything can happen on any given day in college sports. Nonetheless, head down to one of our best online sportsbooks here at, and find out for yourself how exciting the College Baseball World Series really is. I promise that you won’t be disappointed.

Aaron G.