Thursday night is another great night for Baseball action

The College World Series has certainly been a surprise for sports fans such as myself, especially those wishing for a playoff season to make up for the relative lack of action provided by the NBA Championship series between the Los Angeles Lakers and the Boston Celtics (which I happen to still be a little bitter about). However, this NCAA tournament has really turned some heads this year, and given a fresh outlook on college baseball as a legitimate sport to watch and wager on. With Wednesday’s games completed, one half of the final series puzzle was complete as the Stanford Cardinal easily handled as surprised #1 ranked Miami after jumping ahead way ahead with a 4 run 5th inning, to eventually go on to win 8-3. On the other side of the bracket, North Carolina’s game with LSU would be postponed until Friday, which will no doubt make for a great online sports betting opportunity for Friday night. It’s been a crazy journey for these teams the second time around, and the solid play and consistently perfect defense from the two teams has really paid off.

So for Thursday night, betting on sports would certainly have to take in a few wagers in the Major League Baseball action for the evening. Naturally, my online sports betting would hopefully repeat the success had last night in a few online sports betting chances, and luckily enough for me, and for all of the Dodgers fanbase, the boys in Blue pulled off an exciting 7-4 victory over Cincinnati, holding off the Reds to sweep the three game series starting earlier this week. I will have to continue to bet on the Los Angeles Dodgers, as even though they have been under .500 for the year for a while, they are in essence my ‘lucky horse’. Any which way, tonight’s baseball action was alive and well, and more action in the top sportsbooks featured at will be on tap once again tomorrow!

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Aaron G.