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As the first game of the NBA Finals has come and gone, sports fans got a glimpse of how the series between the Orlando Magic and the Los Angeles Lakers might pan out, as Los Angeles succeeded in taking advantage of a terrible Magic shooting night, and turning on the offensive attack towards a 100-75 win Thursday night. Thankful as ever for going with gut on the Lakers with the point spread, my online sportsbook account at Superbook.com took a step back in the right direction, as the anemic offense of the Magic could not get it done in the paint or around the arc. It may be unwise to judge a rough first game by the Orlando Magic as characteristic of the rest of the games to come, however if they have another 75 point performance again in the series, it’s pretty much off and running to the trophy for the LA Lakers.

With game 2 already in mind for sports betting today, I’m sticking with my same horse, and a wager on the Lakers at Oddmaker.com (read the review of Oddsmaker.com) to anticipate the game on Sunday. Wagering today will no doubt include a few Major League Baseball parlays, which certainly happen to be a favorite of mine with so many games to choose from on a daily basis. Certainly for starters, Carlos Zambrano will be on the hill tonight for the Chicago Cubs against the Reds, which should be a good wagering choice, as he looks for his 4th win of the year. The Phillies and Dodgers make for another great highlight for betting on sports today, so check out these games especially today for great watching and wagering action at one of the top sportsbooks at Oddsmaker.com.

I’d have to say that this year’s Major League baseball is definitely an exciting game for sports fans to watch and wager on. With the blink of an eye, teams have already completed over a third of the season, and baseball action is becoming more predictable for making statistically prepped, smart wagering choices throughout the rest of the year. Make sure to check out all the great sports action this weekend alongside the MLB, as College Baseball’s road to the World Series, the French open and the Belmont Stakes are all primed for top sportsbook betting. Stop by a few of our best online sports betting websites reviewed here at CasinoReview.org, have a great Friday, and we wish you all the luck in online wagering this weekend.

Aaron G.