Stanley Cup Finals Game 5, more exciting baseball sports …

For sports fans, Saturday brings great chances for online sportsbook betting, and one of the best places for sports betting today is at (read the review of As a frequent visitor to this site, I’m more than comfortable dropping in for a few sportsbook wagers, a trip to the poker tables or the casino, and have found over the past few years that this is one of only a few online sportsbooks that I trust anytime I feel like betting on sports online. For today’s action, things get started right away with the showdown in Game 5 of the Stanley Cup Finals, between last years’ finalists the Detroit Red Wings and the Pittsburgh Penguins. I for one am very curious as to whether Pittsburgh will be able to steal a win in Detroit today, and for sports betting one must certainly be cautious when pondering a wager on the Pens to win. A better wager might actually be the under total points, with games that have typically been lower scoring on Detroit ice thus far. Either way you wager today, make sure to take a look at one of the last games of the NHL Hockey Season for online sportsbook betting.

With a days’ wait left before the continuation of the Lakers vs. Magic, sportsbook betting is wide open for betting on that game today, in what should be a great chance to see the Magic shake off a tough game 1 shooting night. For my wager at today, I’ll take Orlando with the spread, at a tidy 6.5 points. Hoping for a Laker win (as the buzz in Los Angeles has even gripped me´┐Żone not generally a fan of the Lakers), but also looking for a closer game, I like the Magic to play much better from the perimeter, and hopefully make up for a sorry night in the paint as well. Either way it goes, look for an explosive first half out of both teams, and my eyes particularly will be on the outside game from the Magic to determine the outcome in this one coming up tomorrow. For today or even tomorrow, betting on sports doesn’t get much more exciting than a Championship series, so get in on the action before it’s too late!

The ever-present MLB baseball season continues on as well today, giving ample opportunities for sports betting on Saturday. After a successful set of wagers yesterday at the Players Only Sportsbook (read the review of Players Only), I’m once again cocked and ready to go for more baseball wagering today. I love the Phillies v. Dodgers series, which will again be a great series to watch and wager on, and check out the Yankees and Rays, which should be good game as Tampa looks to pull itself above .500, and into a better position in the AL East once again. The Twins and Mariners, and Angels and Tigers series will make for some interesting wagering options as well, so check into all the great sportsbook action for baseball, enjoy the hockey game, and have a great Saturday!

Aaron G.