NBA Finals Game 2, great Sunday baseball action for …

Driving around Los Angeles today, one can’t help but take notice the street vendors set up in vacant lots selling Lakers merchandise, the various makes and models of vehicles sporting the Purple and Yellow flags, and the countless Bryant jerseys spotted anywhere you turn. Needless to say, the NBA Championships have excited an entire city, and Game 2 tonight from the Staples Center is on just about everyone’s minds as they get ready within friends and family to watch the big game. Today, like any day that has Championship implications, is a perfect day for testing out some online sportsbook betting, and cashing in on one of the very last basketball games of the season. With only 6 possible games left for NBA basketball wagering at the top sportsbooks reviewed here, definitely don’t miss out on an exciting Game 2 tonight, which no doubt will be a much closer contest than the blow-out witnessed in Game 1!

With the Detroit Red Wings destroying the Pittsburgh Penguins at Joe Louis Arena in front of an elated home crowd (thank goodness Detroit has SOMETHING to cheer about), a few days’ break has the Pens scratching their collective heads, down three games to two, and now with no room for errors. Even with another win at home, which I for one am banking on in hopes of a Games 7, Pittsburgh has been owned in Hockeytown, and even with superstar skaters, I just don’t see the Pens pulling through. As disappointing as it may be to come to the Stanley Cup Finals twice, and twice be defeated, it’s an impressive feat for an organization once on the verge of being moved. For early wagering on the next game of this Series, I’m off to (read the review of, one of our best online sportsbooks reviewed and used here at

With a slew of Major League Baseball games in store for betting on sports, checking out a few of the afternoon games is a sure fire way to spice up a Sunday of sports action, so make sure to hop down to, check out the live lines posted right on the front of their clean and user-friendly homepage, and join me in a couple wagers for baseball action today. The Philadelphia Phillies vs. Los Angles Dodgers will be a great game to check out today, as well as the Cubs and Reds who get a gorgeous day for baseball at Wrigley Field. A number of great opportunities are available to cash in at the top sportsbooks each and every day, and count on the best reviewed sportsbooks found here to be a great source of entertainment today. Enjoy the Championship basketball game, the great baseball action, and the always exciting times found at great sportsbooks like!

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