Major League Baseball betting, after a great NBA Finals …

While admitting to taking a lost wager in the Los Angeles Lakers on Tuesday, a bit of realization comes to fruition when considering the final outcome of the Lakers v. Magic NBA Championship Finals series; The Orlando Magic shot 62.5 percent, on a 75 percent 1st half shooting performance�only to win by 4. Grabbing a Game 3 from the Lakers sure helps to make the series a bit more interesting in the fact that it actually won’t be a series sweep to finish on the NBA season,, however that shooting performance should tell those betting on sports that the Magic have to be better than they have ever been in the remaining games in order to have a shot at this year’s title. My synopsis: It’s not gonna happen. For sports betting to come on Game 4 in the NBA finals, I’m getting back in the saddle right away today, and once again wagering at the online sportsbook featured at (read the review of taking the Lakers to win tomorrow, and put this series out of reach. Make sure to cash in on the better lines today for the basketball game tomorrow, and take note of what it will take Orlando to beat Los Angeles in this series�the bar is set extremely high!

Riding a small winning streak heading into Wednesday for betting on sports in Major League baseball action, things are coming together with more top sportsbook bets today, and specifically tonight my action will be featuring a few parlay wagers, which are always a great way to potentially cash in some big wins on small wagers. Felix Hernandez is my gut call to win (as he’s one of the few Mariner pitchers I trust) tonight on the road against the Baltimore Orioles, the Boston Red Sox shoot for a 7-0 season record against New York tonight, and with their win I hopefully will also secure one part of my three-team parlay wager at (read the review of BetUS). I’ll be staying in-state for the remainder of my parlay wager bets, and actually wagering against all teams, as Barry Zito, Clayton Kershaw, and John Lackey get the call for the Giants, Dodgers and Angels respectively. I’ll happily wager on the team facing these pitchers any day of the week.

Baseball is a great sport to wager on in our best online sportsbooks reviewed here at With plenty of games occurring daily, and tons of betting options and wagers to choose from, you can satisfy your sports action thirst in between NBA Finals and NHL Stanley Cup Finals games by heading to one of our top sportsbooks and getting back into the MLB action. Also, check out the action in PGA Golf this week another tournament (St. Judes’ Classic) comes around once again. The weekend is creeping up on us, and not a moment too soon either. I for one can’t wait to see the NBA Finals on Thursday now, and the Game 7 in hockey between Pittsburgh and Detroit, so get out your wagers for those games soon! Have a great rest of the week, and thank you stopping in!

Aaron G.