Lakers and Magic, Game 4 sportsbook betting action today!

As the fourth game of the NBA Finals comes knocking on the door, sports fans get a great opportunity to check out what might pan out as the deciding game in the NBA Finals Series between the Orlando Magic and the Los Angeles Lakers. With Orlando down 2-1 in the series, they control their own fate tonight at home by either winning and squaring the series at two games apiece, or heading back to Los Angeles with an impossible hill to climb down 3-1 after a loss at home. The Lakers will need a strong captain tonight to keep them going the entire game, and Kobe Bryant needs to be once again the facilitator to get his team scoring. Rashard Lewis, Hedo Turkoglu and Dwight Howard will have to share equal weight, and achor their teams’ multi-pronged offensive attack. Benches will need to produce, rebounds will definitely tell a tale in this ball game, and there will be some great online sports betting to be had for this one! If one bet is to be made today, stop by one of the best online sports betting sites reviewed here, and drop your dime on a decisive Game 4 tonight!

Not to be overshadowed by any means for betting on sports today, Major League Baseball, as always, has a cornucopia of sports betting options to be found, and a few sports bets placed on the games will be a nice addition to an other wise fully night of sports action with the NBA finals. Good match-ups tonight include series finale of the Boston vs. New York series, with Boston getting their toughest challenge of this series facing C.C. Sabathia. I’m riding Kevin Milwood for the Rangers over the Blue Jays, and rooting for my Mariners to get a win and get back to .500 ball on the season. With all the action in store for today, a trip down to (read the review of is in order, and my wagering for MLB baseball is set for an exciting evening of games to come!

Now that we’ve passed more than a third of the season, I’d say Major League baseball is definitely an exciting game for sports fans to watch and wager on. Pitchers and batters have established solid stats to make wagering more statistic-based, and potentially make you more money when betting on sports. Make sure to check out all the great sports action this week and weekend, and stop by a few of our featured online sports betting sites here at for all the insider information before your wagers get placed. Have a great Thursday, and we wish you all the luck in online wagering ahead!

Aaron G.