Back to the daily grind, but also back to more baseball …

This weekend turned out to be a great one for baseball fans, as the College World Series has had some great games, and Major League baseball has seen some great match-ups over the course of the last few days of inter-league action. In a funny twist´┐ŻAfter getting routed at home yesterday, the New York Yankees defeated the New York Mets, in a style I haven’t seen for a long time with a crushing 15-0 win. Jeez. What should have been an exciting duel between Johan Santana and A.J. Burnett turned into a blood bath after a four run Yankee second inning, and a 9 RUN inning in the 4th. Carried by lights out pitching from Burnett, the Yankee faithful was treated to a severe beating of their cross-town rivals, and part of a good pay day for me. Cashing in on the possibility of a rebound (and a big wager place on the Yanks), yesterday’s win has me looking to continue the winning ways today, and with only two wagering possibilities in store, I’m off for some quick wagering at the Sportsbook (read the review of

It’s nice to know that there is at least a few good sports betting choices in store for sports fans and for Monday’s picks it’s back to the College World Series games today for the first games wagered on today. Cal State Fullerton will need to figure out Virginia today to keep my west coast teams alive, and I’m rooting for them to get their first win, after an 0-2 start. I’m convinced in LSU in this year’s tournament, as they continue to be the dominant force throughout each game. Taking the over wager on total points today, I’m counting on the Tigers to throw down against the Arkansas Razorbacks, and get one step closer to the Series finals. If you haven’t gotten a chance to watch any College World Series games, check out any game featuring LSU, as they certainly are a fun team to watch!

Major League Baseball slims down the offerings for betting on sports today, however sometimes it’s nice to slim down the options, and really get into two good baseball games. With Inter-league action between the Indians and Brewers in Cleveland, and the Giants hosting the Angels in a California showdown, beat a case of the Mondays this week by heading to one of our feature online sports betting sites for some of this great baseball action. If you have a chance, check out a few of the later College World Series match-ups which should be a couple of exciting games to watch, especially for College fans. As always, thanks for dropping by our site for great online sportsbook reviews, and links to the best online sportsbooks offered on the internet.

Aaron G.