Wednesday features even more great sports betting action …

There are times when you get really lucky betting in online sportsbooks, and there are times when the outcomes are almost unbelievable. Upon taking out a few wagers last night at our featured sportsbook at (read the review of, I was banking on solid performances from a few star pitchers to collectively score a three-team parlay wager win for Tuesday night. Little did I think of the possibility that all three pitchers I was banking on last night would come through having clutch games, and easily giving me some added cushioning for further betting on sports at! With even more exciting baseball action tonight, I just can’t get away from this site, even though we have a number of great online sportsbooks reviewed here at I’ve learned to ride out the wagering at one sportsbook while you’re winning (since I’m as superstitious as anyone when it comes to sports betting on baseball, naturally), and today it’s repeat business for a good pay yesterday.

For Wednesday’s MLB action for betting on sports, I’m first looking at the lone NL game between the Cincinnati Reds and the Atlanta Braves, and wagering on the over bet for total points. With a few not-so-hot pitchers on the mound, why not give this a shot I say? We’ll have to see about that´┐Żanyways, moving on to some good games for online sports betting, I’m taking Aaron Cook and the Colorado Rockies at home against Tampa Bay, as well as Brad Penny to get win number 100 against the Florida Marlins from Fenway Stadium. The Brewers look to complete a sweep of the Cleveland Indians, and I’m certainly betting they’ll do it tonight at the Jake in Cleveland. Always good action to be had in inter-league baseball, definitely make sure to check out these games and all the others for online sportsbook betting today.

If you haven’t had an opportunity for online sports betting on the College World Series, now is certainly that time. The games up until now have been back and forth excitement, and really have brought some great match-ups to the table. With Arkansas and Virginia getting underway today in the only game on Wednesday, I’m going to have to go with Virginia to finish off the Razorbacks. Regardless of the way your wager falls, definitely head down to one of our best online sportsbooks here at, and find out for yourself how exciting the College Baseball World Series really is. I promise that you won’t be disappointed!

Aaron G.