Thursday’s betting on sports featuring MLB, NCAA …

The College World Series has certainly been a surprise for sports fans such as myself, especially those wishing for a playoff season to fill a little of the void left by the end of the NBA Championship series between the Los Angeles Lakers and the Orlando Magic. However, this NCAA tournament has really turned some heads this year, and given a fresh outlook on college baseball as a legitimate sport to watch and wager on. With Wednesday’s game completed, yet another team finds itself eliminated, as Arkansas moves on with a 4-3 victory in 12 innings. If you haven’t had a chance to do some betting on sports featuring a College World Series game, you’re missing out on some of the best sportsbook action of the year!

For more sportsbook betting action for Thursday, one will certainly have to include few wagers out of all the Major League Baseball games on tap today. With a trip to (read the review of Players Only), one of the best online sportsbooks we’ve reviewed to date, I’m certainly looking forward Naturally, my online sports betting would hopefully repeat the success had last night in a few online sports betting chances, and for tonight I’m looking for repeat wins for the Los Angeles Dodgers, and the Seattle Mariners, as well as Dan Haren and the Arizona Dbacks against the Royals. Any which way, tonight’s baseball action was alive and well, and more action in the top sportsbooks featured at will be on tap once again tomorrow!

With great baseball action all around, there is plenty of great action at our best online sportsbooks featured here at This weekend will definitely have more of the same great wagering opportunities, so check out our online sportsbook reviews, peruse some of our great sites offered here, and place your bets on Major League Baseball, the College World Series, and much, much more. Thanks for checking us out here at, and good luck betting on sports throughout the weekend.

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