Sunday’s MLB Baseball action takes center stage for …

After a pretty quick playoff season in the NCAA College World Series, it is with a heavy heart that we come down to the final games of the year, set to take place starting tomorrow evening between the Texas Longhorns and the LSU Tigers. In preparation for the game on Monday, my first item of business for Sunday is to inform everyone to get down to one of the online sportsbooks reviewed here, and place your wager for who you think will come out in the first game of the championship round. If you’re unfamiliar with college sports, or college baseball in particular, now would be a great time to get into the action by reviewing all the stats and editorial information provided at our featured online sportsbooks, and make an educated bet at who will come out victorious tomorrow. My wager is already placed at’s sportsbook (read the review of Superbook), so join me in building a little excitement for what will be a great opening game of the final round!

For MLB baseball today, inter-league play continues with more great opportunities to make a little extra cash by betting on sports. Always the Mark Buehrle fan, my first bet takes the White Sox on the road against Cincinnati, as he squares off against Aaron Harang. The Dodgers and Angels are back at it again in their inter-league series, and against John Lackey (who has struggled all year to this point), I like Clayton Kershaw’s chances for once, and will take the boys and blue for the win traveling to Anaheim today. C.C. Sabathia gets the nod for the Yankees against the Marlins today, which should be a tough obstacle for the fish to overcome, even with home field advantage. Either way you slice it, or bet on it, Sunday will have some great baseball action, and a great chance to sit back, relax, and enjoy all the sports taking place throughout the day!

I still can’t fully convey how exciting the College World Series has been this year, and has offered a great change of pace to online sportsbook betting. While I’m certainly no expert in betting on College Baseball (in fact, I never have wagered on it previously), I’ve found that it can be just as exciting as MLB baseball, if not more so. The fans, the small-town atmosphere, and the drive of these young players bring a real connection to the true roots of the game. These guys love the game. No huge paychecks, no endorsement deals, and nothing but the love of the game brings these guys out to the ballpark. It’s baseball in a true form that should be able to be appreciated by any sports fan, and has been a great time for betting on sports at our featured sportsbooks here at So check out the game tomorrow, and enjoy what might be the last NCAA baseball game of the year. It certainly will be a good one!

Aaron G.