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As an avid online sports bettor, I like to make my rounds through the multitude of online sportsbook websites offered here at Being that our site offers sports fans some of the best online sportsbooks on the internet, no matter where you turn to place your wagers you really can’t go wrong on our site. So for Tuesday, I’ve picked (read the review of for my online wagering, as it offers some of the largest array of sports betting types, as well as a healthy dose of sports betting advice, and up-to-date statistics for betting purposes. As per usual, the game of choice for my online sports betting is Major League Baseball, and there are a number of interesting match-ups slated for Tuesday’s day and night games. With a few Southern California games in action tonight, no doubt will I have to do some wagering on the Giants and Athletics today, and hopefully use those games as a backbone for today’s wagering (being as they are on local TV!).

First off for betting at, I’ve got to go with Tim Lincecum in his match-up with the A’s today, as I love a good in-state inter-league game, and a great young pitcher of Lincecum’s talent. These two teams always step up to the plate for this rivalry, and I always like throwing a little change down on the series games. With that in mind, my online sports book bet for this contest will have to take the Giants to win one the road against the Oakland A’s, as I usually have to give the nod to great pitching in interstate match-ups, regardless of the team’s record. For the next wager, another good call will be betting on the White Sox vs. the Los Angeles Dodgers, with LA being a great road team, and the Sox struggling at home. I’m taking L.A. in this one, hoping that the Dodger line-up can get something going at home against the Sox, who have been less than stellar in front of a home audience this year.

With the last wager of the evening, it seems as though a parlay wager is in order just to mix things up. I like the match-up with Zack Grienke on the hill for the Royals against the Astros, and have been riding this pitcher for his last 4 starts. Throwing in Milwaukee to beat the Twins with a favorable pitching match-up for the Brew Crew, I’ve realized that I’ll probably get burned on this wager, as choosing the favorites across the board seldom works to my betting favor. However for five bucks, it’ll be an interesting trial and error. So now all that’s left is the waiting game, as my online sportsbook bets have been placed, and the afternoon’s games are just about to begin. Check out one of our best online sportsbooks at, which provides online gamblers with tons of great wagering opportunities, and plenty of casino games to choose from. Until tomorrow, have a great night, and good luck playing in our top sportsbooks here at

Aaron G.