Sunday sports betting on the final day of Inter-league …

My Sunday hangover slowly starts to get a little better with all the great games in store today, and for all you sports fans, Sunday will be the last day to catch some great inter-league Major League Baseball action before it’s all said and done. With Monday fast approaching, there is still one more solid day of online sports betting to be had, and you can always count on the MLB to deliver plenty of solid options for sportsbook enthusiasts and baseball fans alike. For starters today, I have to mention that that before any baseball gets underway there is plenty of sports action to be had across the pond in Europe, for the Confederations Cup Final between the United States and Brazil. While we on the U.S. side of things may be more focused on the other game of football, any sports fan in the U.S. should appreciate a great sports match-up featuring the United States team finally getting to a final, somewhere! I just had to throw my two cents in to this one, rooting for the U.S. team to overcome their years of living as a joke in comparison to the top soccer-playing countries, so going to (read the review of helped finalize a wager before the game begins today. Looking forward to a great finals game, be sure to at least catch a bit of this match-up, as a great closing battle should be taking place to finish off a fantastic tournament.

Elsewhere in online sports betting action for Major League Baseball plenty of great contests once again take place for the online sports betting enthusiast. The early game between the Boston Red Sox and the Atlanta Braves should offer a good opening taste for betting on sports today, as well as the Philadelphia Phillies v. Toronto Blue Jays inter-league contest. The Dodgers and Mariners also get into gear early this afternoon, along with the Mets and Yankees once again. Inter-city games are always a treat for cities lucky enough to have a couple of ball clubs in the area, and I’m lucky to have been able to catch some of the action in interleague this year, when the Angels and Dodgers clashed in Los Angeles. If you’re betting on sports, definitely make sure to check out the inter-league games today, as by the end of the day there will be no more cross-league action for the rest of the year!

With so much up and coming Major League Baseball contests ahead, there is always great games and new faces to check out every day of the week. Check out some great pitching, powerful offensive production, and all the other things that making betting on baseball such a fun and exciting experience. Enjoy the final moments of the weekend, check out the great sportsbook at today, and as always, we wish you the best of luck when wagering at our top sportsbooks!

Aaron G.