Saturday focuses on Major League Baseball bets at Sports …

While it’s slightly odd to not have Basketball or Hockey playoffs getting underway on a Saturday afternoon or evening, it’s been great to have a full plate of wagering options available each and every day for Major League Baseball, and for this Saturday sports fans can look to plenty of exciting series to make up for the lack of NBA Finals competition, or Stanley Cup games as well. After a series-tying victory last night for the Philadelphia Flyers over the Chicago Blackhawks (again with plenty of offense in the 5-3 outcome), it looks like hockey fans will get at least two more games in the series, and sports betting will be open immediately for the upcoming Game 5 scheduled in Chicago. As for the NBA Finals, we’ll have to wait yet another day to find out whether or not Los Angeles will be able to run away with this series, or whether Boston will tie it up, and take it back home for 3 straight games on Celtics turf. Pivotal to say the least, look for the Los Angeles v. Boston game in sportsbook bets today, with our first wagers coming at one of the top sportsbooks reviewed, at the Sports Interaction Sportsbook (read the review of Interaction Sportsbook).

To make some early predictions on the championship series set for the days ahead, we’ll rest our laurels once again on the home teams, which in the next games ahead equate to wagers on Los Angeles in the NBA Finals, and Chicago in the NHL Finals. With both games slated for Sunday, it’s a great time to anticipate wagers on the games, and hopefully get a little more favorable odds before anything comes up prior to the games’ start tomorrow. Count on a much closer affair in the Boston vs. Lakers series, as Boston makes adjustments to try and slow the Lakers down into a more defensive game, but continue to look for big scoring in the Chicago vs. Philadelphia series, as it’s apparent that both young goaltenders just simply can’t keep up with the scoring attack both sides offer. It’s an exciting time of year for both Basketball and Hockey fans, and with only a few games remaining in either league, make sure to cash in on all the games possible before everything is gone until next season!

For Major League Baseball today, once again there are tons of options for betting on great series still underway, including key series between the New York Yankees and Toronto Blue Jays, New York Mets and Florida Marlins, and the Tampa Bay Rays and Texas Rangers. Not to go unmentioned, the Atlanta Braves and Los Angeles Dodgers continue a great series, as do the Twins and Athletics, and Padres vs. Phillies. Whether it be parlay wagers or straight up bets, any which way you slice it you can find great chances to make some added cash on the weekend by researching the pitching match-ups, team side-by-side comparisons, and betting trends available at Enjoy your Saturday, thanks for stopping by, and good luck in all your upcoming weekend wagers!

Aaron G.