NBA Finals Game 3, plenty of MLB action at …

It’s back to business today with the NBA finals folks, and for those of you who haven’t wagered on the Game 3 set to take place in just a few short hours, it’s time to take a trek to any one of the best online sports betting sites available at, and put your stake in the ground already! Admittedly, it’s been a fun but challenging NBA playoffs this year, however to get things going in this year’s final between the Los Angeles Lakers and the Boston Celtics, we’ve managed to pull even at .500 through the first two games, to mimic the series’ current standing. Headed back to Boston for tonight’s game, it’s likely that we’ll get a much different look than in the first two games, which saw much looser defense, and a game style more to the liking of the LA Lakers. For Tuesday’s game however, it’s a chance to see whether or not Boston can get back to slowing the Lakers down once again, and getting as many members of the squad into double digits as possible. For your first look at betting on sports at a top sportsbook today, check into the fun at the Players Only sportsbook (read the review of, which is where we’ve placed our wager for the Lakers with the points spread.

Progressing into the vast options available for sports betting on Major League Baseball, 15 games are on tap at the Playersonly Sportsbook, with undoubtedly the featured game being the Washington Nationals and the Pittsburgh Pirates, as the debut of rookie pitcher Stephen Strasbourg has the whole baseball world standing on its head. With massive amounts of talent, a nasty 12 to 6 curve and not to mention 100+ MPH gas, this kid is going to be electric, and for a historical debut, very much worth a wager on today (especially in light of the opposing Bucs team, which is a conveniently among the leagues’ worst teams). Other interesting options include a tough match-up between San Francisco and Cincinnati, as Matt Cain faces Sam LeClure. While I’d typically go with Cain in any scenario, the Reds can bring out the bats at home, and will give Cain a run for his money tonight. Nonetheless, we’re liking the Giants on the road, with hopefully little scoring (as we’ve added in an under wager on total points). Look out for other great National League games including the Los Angeles Dodgers hosting the St. Louis Cardinals (with the Dodgers looking to get back on top of the NL West with a victory), Padres and Mets, and Marlins and Phillies to make for some solid online sports betting choices.

Rounding out sportsbook bets for today, in the American League look to Boston for a continued routing of the Cleveland Indians, King Felix and the Mariners up against the Texas Rangers, Kevin Slowey and the Twins hosting the Royals, and the Angels and Athletics, with the A’s trying to yet again stop the Angel win streak. As always, find any and all of the best betting options for Major League Baseball at the best online sportsbook at Playersonly, make sure to add in your bets for upcoming NBA and NHL Finals action, and as always good luck!

Aaron G.