FIFA World Cup, NBA Finals Game 5, and Baseball bets for …

In realization of the coming end of the first half of the online sports betting season, the World Cup provides sports fans with a fun and exciting addition to the wagering spectrum each day for the coming month. As the Stanley Cup Finals have wrapped up, and the NBA Finals just a possible 3 games from finishing up as well, typically online sportsbook bets to come will fall on Major League Baseball, and that alone throughout the summer until Football season commences once again. However with the 2010 FIFA World Cup from South Africa having gotten underway, us sports betting types have a bevy of matches to choose from each and every day, bridging an otherwise pretty redundant coming month of betting on sports. While getting up and onto the couch for the day of sports getting underway, the busy Friday after work finds me scrambling to the laptop this morning, and logging onto one of the best online sportsbooks, at (read the review of Always one of the quickest and easiest places to wager on any day, check out the sportsbook reviews, and head over for an assured way to wager online.

Without a doubt, the match of the day for U.S. sports fans will be the England vs. USA match in opening round Cup action, with many wondering if the Americans can stand up to a far superior England squad. However for betting on sports, luckily there are further options than a clear-cut winner and loser, and as the underdog the US looks like a decent bet. With this particular match-up only coming around once in a blue moon, definitely take your best stab on this game in online sports betting today. While an upset seems unlikely, we’ll root for a draw, and hope for a fine showing from Landon Donovan and the US team to equal John Terry and the blokes across the pond. Any which way you choose to wager on this one, count on a buzzing game filled with excitement, to add to an already great day of online sports betting challenges found at

As the NBA Finals reach a pivotal Game 5 today in Boston, the Celtics find themselves looking back to the bench to be the X-factor again tonight, as the great efforts by Glen Davis and Nate Robinson have been a huge boost for the starting 5. We’re counting on a better game from Los Angeles all around, and with a close +3 for the Lakers, so is the sportsbook. With both teams wanting to open up the scoring tonight, look for a fast-paced game with lots of bumps and bruises, and an all around better showing than that of Game 4. Switching lastly but not least to Major League Baseball this afternoon, look for exciting interleague games including an intercity duel in Chicago, across the bay action as San Francisco hosts Oakland, the Marlins vs. Rays, and Angels against the Dodgers. Enjoy all these great betting choices and more at today, or any other of the best online sportsbooks reviewed here, and thanks for stopping by!

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