Weekend sports betting on Major League Baseball, World …

While typically at this time of year sports fans find a bit of a void from the closure of the NBA Finals, however for 2010, it’s a different story as the 2010 FIFA World Cup has provided a great level of excitement, as well as a number of options for online sportsbook betting each and every day for the coming month! As Major League Baseball also continues along its exciting journey through interleague play, sports fans are treated to a change of scenery, and some new match-ups worthy of taking a deeper look into when placing wagers at one of the best online sports betting sites reviewed here. For Saturday, we’re headed around the horn to the best online sportsbook reviewed on our site, a tried-and-true staple of online sports bets, at the Sportsbook.com sportsbook (read the review of Sportsbook.com). There is a reason that Sportsbook.com has the name it does, as it is one of the first and definitely one of the best websites available for betting on sports, having established a great reputation for reliability, consistency, and great betting options whether on sports, in the poker rooms, or in the online casinos.

Heading into Sportsbook.com for wagers today, first and foremost we look into the action available in South Africa, as the 2010 World Cup continues with another 3 matches in the Group round of play. Some interesting match-ups are available, first and foremost as Ghana looks to be one of the very few African teams with a shot at moving through the first round of play in a match vs. Australia today. After having been routed earlier in the week by Germany, Australia will no doubt make some adjustments and look for a better match against Ghana, who shares a lead of the Group D pool with Germany now. Ghana can secure a second round bid with a win today, but expect a tight match with only a one-goal differentiation to determine the winner. In further competition scheduled for today, The Netherlands has looked strong, and is an easy favorite out of Group E, facing Japan in what should be a win for the Orange. Lastly for today, look for one more Group E match between Denmark and Cameroon, with Denmark holding the advantage, and is our pick for betting on sports today at Sportsbook.com.

Moving onwards towards Major League Baseball for betting on sports, continued interleague play with the Yankees looking to close down the Mets winning streak, yet face a tough battle with a great pitching duel between Phil Hughes and Mike Pelfrey who have both been spectacular this season. Take a look at two of the most cost effective young pitchers in the game (both under 500 K salary), who should be both eager to put on a great performance in the subway series middle game today. Elsewhere we’re liking Matt Cain and the Giants over the Toronto Blue Jays, Jered Weaver and the Angels over the Cubs, and Jake Peavy and the white-hot White Sox over the Washington Nationals. Find these games and many more available at Sportsbook.com, and enjoy another brilliant weekend of sports and online sports betting at any one of the best online sports betting sites reviewed right here!

Aaron G.