Big World Cup matches, CWS and MLB baseball top …

The weekend has finally arrived folks, and with it comes another great and exciting day for betting on sports at one of the top online sports betting sites reviewed right here at! After a shocking day of play in the 2010 FIFA World Cup which saw the exit of Italy at the hands of Slovakia, we now have even more teams set for the Round of 16 coming up in a few days, which will now include the likes of Japan, who won their match against Denmark in solid fashion, while the Netherlands once again solidified that they are a top threat, easily knocking off Cameroon. For Friday, a whole new set of matches are available for the most exciting games of the week, and without a doubt we’re headed today to the best online sports betting site at sportsbook (read the review of for wagers today. Not to be missed for any sports fan, head to the sportsbook and check out the options on the huge matches today, between Brazil and Portugal, Honduras vs. Switzerland and Chile vs. Spain, with each game having big influence on the next round of competition.

For Baseball action on this wonderful Friday, look no further than to first check out the two big games taking placing in the College Baseball World Series from Omaha, Nebraska, featuring two great match-ups between TCU and UCLA, as well as South Carolina vs. Clemson. Facing elimination today, TCU has the biggest challenge of the day against UCLA, but with undefeated freshman Matt Purke on the hill, chances are solid that the Horned Frogs can keep the Bruins at bay, at least for one more day. Purke, with his stunning 97 mph fastball, looks to shut down the UCLA offense, and combat Bruins’ ace Rob Rasmussen, who finds himself already headed to the majors. A great pitching duel, and likely some subdued scoring, check into this game for your first baseball wagers at today. In another solid pitching outing, South Carolina brings lefty Michael Roth to the forefront, trying to keep SC alive against a very strong and determined Clemson Tiger team. We’ll ride SC today for the win, putting them one game away from the 3 game series to determine the winner starting this weekend.

In Major League competition today, Interleague play once again in the name of the game, and for betting on sports a number of games stand out as having good potential for sports fans to cash in. The New York Mets send ace Mike Pelfrey to the mound at home against Minnesota, to face Kevin Slowey, who has given up his fair share of runs as of late. We’ll go with a Mets victory, covering the points spread at home. In a Windy City battle, the Cubs and White Sox do battle, with the latter team looking for their 10th win in a row at home. With Jake Peavy coming on strong this year after a slow start, we like the White Sox for at least one more win, judging on the struggles of opposing pitcher Carlos Zambrano this season. Roy Halladay is always a solid choice for betting on sports, especially as the Phillies look to have found their bats, and Halladay is up against his former team, the Toronto Blue Jays. Expect great things out of Halladay today. With further excitement in the Red Sox vs. Giants series, as well as the Dodgers vs. Yankees and Rockies vs. Angels, find all kinds of great MLB action for online sports betting today, and round out your Friday of betting on sports with plenty of exciting options found at

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