NBA Finals Game 3 set, Major League Baseball action …

We’ve been waiting patiently for a couple of days in order for the NBA Finals series to get back underway, and for this Sunday, sports fans are treated to Game 3 in Dallas tonight between the Mavericks and the Miami Heat, in what is likely to be a crucial game in determining the direction of the series going forward. With the series knotted up at 1 game apiece, Dallas can swing the tide in their direction at home, getting the next 3 games on home court before a potential 2-game finish back in Miami, no doubt a trip the Mavs would love to avoid embarking on. While it’s certainly been a fun weekend watching at wagering on the bulk of Major League Baseball games available, and no doubt we’ll be looking at even more MLB wagers set up on Sunday, it’s undoubtedly the most exciting to be wagering on the most important game of the weekend today, though already having taken out a couple of wagers for tonight’s showdown in the Big D beforehand. However, we of course can’t resist making a few additional bets today before the game commences at 8:00 PM ET, in order to maximize the options of winning extra cash in our online sports betting accounts before the weekend is over. For starting off the online sports bets today, we’re coming around to the sportsbook (read the review of, which features a simple and easy way to place your initial bets, or come back time and time again for quick sports bets on a regular basis. Always offering all the available games each and every day over the entire world of sports with a great sports betting interface, not to mention a solid reputation as an industry leader in the online sports betting field, look for to be a great new look at betting on sports if you’re new to the field, or looking to change up your current sports betting site.

Breaking down tonight’s NBA Finals Game 3, we get to see whether Miami can bounce back after a tough Game 2 loss at home, where after what seemed to be a game-ending early 4th quarter run to lead 88-73 with 7 minutes to go, turned into a 95-93 heartbreaking loss to give Dallas the advantage heading back home. With the next 3 games on tap for the Finals series taking place back in Dallas, tonight’s game will be crucial to the Miami Heat, as with a loss they could find themselves in trouble against a confident Mavericks side. Keys to tonight’s game for Dallas include their bench being a factor with Jason Terry and J.J. Barea, as well as a better performance from their big men Tyson Chandler and Shawn Marion in the paint, both who need to be better on the boards and in scoring. Miami’s defense, while lapsing down the home stretch in Game 2, continues to be their most valuable asset, even in light of the Big Three’s offensive production. Though Miami arguably should have been able at least score more than 5 points in 7 minutes to sneak past Dallas in Game 2, their D needs to prevent another Mavs run late in the game tonight and keep with the plan of contesting Dirk Nowitzki’s every shot, and winning the battle of the boards. Expect this match-up tonight to be very close to the last second, as with Game 2, however we’ll side with Dallas at home to pull out a win and put the pressure on Miami going forward.

As usual, additional focus for betting on sports today has to include the bevy of great options for wagering on Major League Baseball, which once again features 15 more great games for you to mull over before placing a couple of bets. Of note today, a great conclusion of the Yankees vs. Angels series gets underway early, as Bartolo Colon looks to continue his winning ways (questionably though, with many people speculating he’s been on HGH this year), facing Joel Pineiro at home. The Texas Rangers look for a 4-game sweep of the Cleveland Indians, and should be well-poised to do so with C.J. Wilson pitching very well this last month, facing Mitch Talbot today. Seattle looks to win their 6th straight series with a victory at home against Tampa Bay this afternoon, Boston seeks a series sweep against the Oakland A’s, and Jake Peavy and Brad Penny battle as Detroit takes on the Chicago White Sox. In the National League, check out worthy games to place wagers on including San Francisco vs. Colorado in another likely low-scoring battle, the Los Angeles Dodgers and Cincinnati Reds finish their 3-game series, Roy Halladay tries to snap a 4-game skid for the Phillies against the Pittsburgh Pirates, and Tim Hudson returns for the Atlanta Braves who wrap up against the New York Mets. With the NBA, NHL and MLB all in action ahead, make especially sure not to miss out on each Finals betting opportunity, and plant your stakes in the ground for the eventual outcomes on all the games before they dry up until next season. As always, thanks very much for stopping by for the best online sports betting sites reviewed, and enjoy a great Sunday of great sports action!

Aaron G.