Midweek sportsbook betting finds Major League Baseball …

As predicted and expected, last night’s 2011 College World Series ended with a victory for the South Carolina Gamecocks, sealing their repeat championship in a 5-2 victory over the Florida Gators and closing out another chapter in the available options for online sports betting enthusiasts. Though we lose another set of options for betting on sports at the top sportsbooks reviewed here, one can’t be too disappointed with the exciting Interleague action continuing in Major League Baseball, which always provides sports fans plenty of betting options throughout the long summer. Having just realized that I happen to have Friday off for the Fourth Of July holiday in the U.S., tomorrow is the end of the work week for me, and in my excitement for extra days off, I’ll seek out even more of the best available options for betting on sports, in the hopes that some winnings can cover the no doubt expensive weekend ahead filled with fireworks, barbeques and parties over an elongated weekend. Without a doubt, I can now see the light at the end of the tunnel somewhere amongst the emails, paperwork, deadlines, etc. and with an air of excitement surrounding myself and hopefully you too, today will certainly a great opportunity for betting on sports at the top sportsbooks featured here on our website in anticipation of making a little extra spending cash for the weekend. There is a whole host of betting chances spread out across MLB baseball, which has plenty of great match-ups in store for sports fans, and for today’s online sportsbook betting, I have ventured over to one of the best online sportsbooks we have reviewed on our site, and placed a few wagers on today’s MLB games at Intertops.com sportsbook (read the review of Intertops.com).

There are plenty of great potential wagers to be had for Wednesday, and being the big fan of West Coast match-ups, nothing sounds better than taking out a couple of online bets, then relaxing while tuning in to tonight’s televised games in Southern California. As such, I’ll check into the Los Angeles Dodgers and Los Angeles Angels both in play tonight, facing the Minnesota Twins and Washington Nationals respectively. After ending their six-game slide last night against the Dodgers, the Twins have a good chance of building a little streak with Scott Baker on the mound, facing Rubby De La Rosa. Down in Anaheim, the Angeles seek out a sweep of the Nationals, but will have to have a solid showing from Dan Haren against Jordan Zimmerman, who continues to impress and has led his team to 5 straight victories while lowering his ERA to 2.85 on the year. Surprisingly, the New York Mets have been on an offensive tear lately, racking up 36 runs in the past 3 games, and coming off a 14-3 win last night and getting to face unlucky Tiger pitcher Phil Coke (1-7, 4.32 ERA), you might want to spot a bet on the Mets to win again as their bats show no signs of stopping here. Check out the Yankees to continue their winning ways against the Brewers, who simply don’t seem to have any punch on the road, and certainly not enough to match the production of the Yankees (though Shawn Marcum should help to keep runs to a minimum), and also look for another exciting match-up as Boston and Philadelphia battle, in what continues to be great series between two predicted World Series teams.

If Wednesdays are one of those days for kicking back and watching some great baseball action, I suggest today is the day my friends, as no matter what your wagering options are, it’s pretty much guaranteed that betting on sports will offer a great supplement to the bit of freedom that the weekends offer us. Check out these games tonight, a total of 15 MLB games for you choosing, and pick out a couple of winning bets in our best online sports betting websites. With summertime officially here and baseball action happening all day every day, sports fans have plenty to choose from in their favorite online sports betting sites. I highly recommend checking all of the great online sports betting sites here, as day in and day out each one has exciting action on all games available, making baseball a great sport to wager on. We at CasinoReview.org hope that you have a great Wednesday night, with plenty of luck in your online wagers, and stay tuned for more sports betting updates each and every day!

Aaron G.