Sunday is a great day for sports wagering

There is nothing better sometimes than getting a weekend to just hang out, relax, and do whatever you want to do.  This is especially true when you have plenty of sports action to choose from, and have a host of online sportsbooks and casinos to play around on. For this Sunday, I decided to take a few wagers out across a number of sports leagues, and see how my weekend luck would carry out for me.  The day was filled with a number of great NHL hockey match-ups suitable for placing a couple of wagers on and with my favorite team in action, I just had to log on and drop a few bucks on the Vancouver vs. Minnesota game.  With a wild run in to overtime which left me clenching my fists and shaking a bit during the shootout, Vancouver refused to let me down once again and took the victory 2-1 at home. Whew. I’ll take my money and run with that clutch win, because that was a gift.

For Sunday in the NBA, there was little shortage of solid wagering opportunities to be placed on our featured sportsbooks at For my wagers, I took out two separate parlay bets, on at and the other at Though I lost the first of my parlay wagers placed as the Boston Celtics upset the Minnesota Timberwolves in overtime, I overcame in the second and larger parlay wager placed.  With Utah, Chicago, and Seattle all pulling out victories, I managed to walk away with only a few extra dollars won on the NBA, but an overall win nonetheless. The march towards the playoffs are really heating up, and there are a surprising amount of struggling teams who still have a shot to make the post season.  With a couple of weak divisions, it is not entirely implausible that a few teams under the .500 mark may make the playoffs this year. Nonetheless, even those teams under the even mark are playing good basketball right now, and the remaining games across the entire NBA are going to be a great time to be placing wagers.

This weekend marks the start of the craziness that is the NCAA tournament bracket selection.  As teams begin their conference championships, there was plenty of action to choose from Sunday. For me, the ACC was calling my name, especially the classic rivalry of Duke vs. N. Carolina.  Not surprisingly, UNC rolled over Duke at home giving me one more win for the day and even a few more greenbacks in my account at  A vicious hit resulting in a broken nose for the Tarheels’ star Tyler Hansbrough was about the most exciting part of this runaway game, but nonetheless every time these two teams get together something memorable always seems to happen. You certainly won’t want to miss out on the excitement this week, as college basketball tournament are always wild. Check back with us tomorrow, and good luck placing your wagers this week. It’s going to take some gutsy bets to come out on top by next weekend?



Aaron G.