Monday night hockey wager and casino play

One great thing about only having one hockey game scheduled for a given night is that know for a fact the game will be televised. Better yet is when it happens to be a game features a classic match-up between two teams fighting for a trip to the post season.
Going to, my first wager of the day would be between two in-state hockey rivals, the New York Islanders vs. the New York Rangers. As rivalry games always seem to bring great sports action and more bang for your wagering buck, this match-up was certainly no different as it took a shootout to declare a winner. Even with the ridiculous 56 saves made by Rick DiPietro, the Islanders fell in overtime 2-1, as the Rangers clutched up with single goal in the shootout to win. Either way, my wager placed on this contest marks up a notch in the win column as I took an under bet on total points today. For the only hockey game of the evening, it certainly was an exciting one and a great little cushion for my tip to the online casinos tonight.

Going back to the tables at seems like a great way to spend a Monday night, especially after winning a little bit of extra cash in the sportsbooks. If you have checked out this site at anytime before, chances are you’ve heard me raving about the Texas Hold ‘Em on this website and the great selection of play offered.  Play anyone, anywhere, for any amount of money you wish to wager. I still get a kick out of playing with people from around the world, who help make games part of an online community. The tables are often full at, which gives players a chance to hone their skills in tournament-style play at anytime of the day.  Being able to watch some games while playing online in our featured casinos is a great time to be had on any day of the week, and I’m stoked to be back on the tables tonight.  If you have the same love of the game for Texas Hold ‘Em as this writer does, come check out Not only is their casino a solid place to play, the sportsbook is well laid out and easy to navigate.

Back to the world of sports, the NBA was in full swing this evening, with the return of Yao, a surprisingly red-hot Miami Heat, and a streak-extending San Antonio Spurs as part of the night’s festivities. A shaky Yao Ming looked a little stiff still, taking a nasty fall late in the game as the Rockets were handed a welcome back loss at the hands of LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers. Putting up another quiet 30-plus point performance, it is still amazing to watch this kid progress and school anyone, antime, anywhere. He may not be a Michael Jordan, but he is one hell of a LeBron James, for sure. Another name maker tonight down in Florida, Eddie Jones has been amply filling the shoes of Dwayne Wade as Miami rolled to yet another win over the Atlanta Hawks. Posting a season high 21 points, this is the boost they need in D. Wade’s absence, and for making the playoffs. I can’t wait for NBA wagering tomorrow, and you can bet that I’ll be back here again with more wagering updates, and more sporting news. Until then, thanks for checking us out at, and have a great night.

Aaron G.