Sportsbook wagers on first-round NCAA Tournament games

The precursor to the Big Dance is always an exciting little teaser for basketball fans. With the NCAA tournament just around the corner, the Conference Championships across the country are providing some great basketball insight for later wagering on down the road.  While the first round of play is just a small taste of things to come, getting a wager in at least a few of the games seemed like a good idea to test my luck. For Wednesday night, my wagers have been placed at our featured online sportsbook at, which has seen a little absence of me lately. However, hoping that after suffering consecutive losses at their website, my luck will inevitably change and I can gained back what I have lost with a couple of wagering wins. Besides, the website is honestly one of our better featured sites at, and I’ve still got money left in my account there to play with! On that note, taking West Virginia to beat the line over Providence, and Syracuse over Connecticut for a simple two team parlay wager seems like a good, safe gamble.

It is certainly worth reiterating how much can be learned from checking out the Conference Championships, and how well good teams handle tournament pressure. Though many teams already destined for the NCAA tourney may be less concerned with how well they do against their conference, every team wants to win, and teams will begin to show their true colors before the brackets have finished being made. I for one am paying extra close attention this year, considering how destroyed my bracket became after only the first two rounds in last year’s NCAA Tournament. With considerably higher stakes this year, and much more sportsbook wagering (as I remain an active gambler to write these updates on a daily basis), my game will have to be very good in order to not make a fool out of myself and bust the bank at the same time. In all seriousness though, if anyone (myself included) is going to make any money wagering during the NCAA tournament, it is going to be those who have taken the time to accurately research their wagers, and who know the ins and outs of each team playing in those wagers. Though you and I know that there is still nothing that can keep us from wagering on our favorite teams, no matter what the odds?

Get ready for all the exciting sports action in store for this week. From NCAA to the NBA, and not to mention the NHL, there will be more than enough great wagering opportunities to be had at our featured sportsbooks at I’m off to place another parlay wager for the NBA tonight on, so wish me luck and I’ll do the same for you. Tomorrow’s another day with more great sports wagering action that you won’t want to miss so hopefully we’ll see you back here then.


Aaron G.