College Tournament Championship wagers

Saturday’s College basketball games were just one of the great reasons why wagering in our featured online sportsbooks can be such an exciting experience.  As all tournaments were in full swing today, I decided to hop on the opportunity, and take out some wagers on a few contests taking place. After placing my wager at, I have come to a small realization: This has been one of the craziest NCAA Conference Championship I can remember. My wagers may as well be decided on a flip of a coin these days, as betting on this tournament has been a back and forth, up and down and altogether maddening watch. I have definitely lost a bit more than I’ve won this week, however getting to see basketball contests this exciting really only comes once a year during March Madness, and dropping a little dough during the process is money well spent. However, I’m either a glutton for punishment, or just awfully persistent these days, as I have taken out a few more parlays for Saturday’s contests, in the hope of coming a bit closer to breaking even for the week.

For starters, I had to wager on the Oregon vs. USC game. I’ll take Oregon to beat the points on this one, as they are rolling right now behind the solid play of Aaron Brooks and a well-rounded offense and defense. I’m taking Georgetown over Pittsburgh, UNLV over BYU with home court advantage, and Florida to beat the points against Mississippi. With my luck of late, perhaps we’ll see a handful of upsets, further messing up the brackets for the NCAA tournament in just a few short days away. In reality though, I feel that I’m playing safe, and that is also reflected in the smaller amount of money offered for a win. This weekend though, I’ve got to play it safe so I can have enough money in one of my online sportsbook accounts to wager on the ACC and SEC final games. Those should be some fun games you won’t want to miss, and luckily for my significant other is out of town and won’t have to see me glued to the television for four or five hours straight! What? It’s my Sunday and I can waste it however I want to?

With a couple bucks set aside for the Vancouver vs. Anaheim hockey game on Sunday night, I took out one more parlay sportsbook wager on the NHL for Saturday.  Taking Buffalo, Pittsburgh and Toronto to win their respective games, I thought a quick 5 dollar bet might make the NHL a little more exciting this evening as well. I’ve got my hands full now, and I’ve got games to watch. My wagers are placed at our featured sportsbooks on, and I’m ready to relax and not even think about work. Damn. I thought about work. Oh well, not for another full day anyway. Have a great weekend, and thank you again for checking in with us. I hope that all your wagers are successful, and hopefully (unlike people such as myself) you have a favorite team still left in the NCAA tournaments. Thank you for choosing for all the best online sportsbooks and casinos on the internet.

Aaron G.