Sportsbook wagers for Monday night

With the NCAA brackets all lined up, and no games scheduled until the official opening tomorrow night, I felt compelled to do a little wagering on our featured sportsbooks, taking out a couple of bets on the NBA and the NHL.  It’s been a long day, and nothing could be better than getting home and quickly squeezing in a wager for the late games in store for tonight (even though I will admit that I got in a wager this afternoon at work?bad me!). With Dallas looking for their 18th win in a yet another winning streak tonight against the Golden State Warriors, I definitely will be checking into this match-up as it will be televised in-state and nationally. Elsewhere, the ever-strong Phoenix Suns go up against Yao, T-Mac and the Houston Rockets. Every day that passes becomes more exciting as the thought of the Mavericks and the Suns meeting up in the post season. They are most certainly already guaranteed a playoff berth, however both these teams are not letting up down the home stretch. Placing wagers tonight at, I have taken the Warriors to cover the points, which hopefully will be adequate at home tonight.

I would expect that the Golden State Warriors will put up a good fight this evening, and this game shouldn’t be missed if you are checking out NBA basketball tonight. I am hoping that the Warriors will be able to keep the game close against the Mavericks as they, like everyone else, are gunning to break their impressive streak. However, I am expecting Dallas to prevail, as they are with no question the better team. In further sportsbook wagering, a quick 5 dollar parlay was taken out at, taking Phoenix, New Jersey to win their respective games, and Milwaukee to cover the point spread in theirs. For some reason, Milwaukee has been playing much better towards the end of the year, which could end up hurting their draft order for next year. They are certainly out of the playoffs, however, tonight I can hope they will cover the modest points spread and score me another win.  We’ll just have to wait and see on that one?

As for the NHL, I hopped over to and took out one more sportsbook wager tonight for tonight’s action on the ice.  I just couldn’t resist putting a little money down in the battle of the worst and included in my wagering tonight will be the contest between Phoenix and Philadelphia out in the desert. A fitting setting indeed for two teams that have been a disappointment all year long, I will certainly have to take the Coyotes to win at home, as that seems to be the only real advantage either team might have. To combine with this wager, I will take Calgary and St. Louis to beat the total points tonight, and Atlanta to win outright against the struggling Washington Caps. That should do it for me this evening, so join me in kicking back for some great sports action, and thanks again for making your way to for all the best online sportsbooks and casinos on the web.

Aaron G.