The ‘Official’ Start of the NCAA tournament

As the flurry of the NCAA Conference Championships has come to rest, one more sports-related storm is just about to kick off again. Tonight, sports fans, especially basketball nuts in particular, will get what they have been waiting for: March Madness has officially begun.  Now it is understood that tonight’s game between Florida A&M and Niagra may essentially be just a battle for the last seed in the tourney, however I’ve have taken out a wager for tonight’s game on our featured sportsbook at, and am hoping to go my tournament wagering luck going right away. Now, I admittedly don’t know too much about Niagra in this case, however, I do know that Florida A&M has had a little tournament success in the past, and I am banking on that for today’s online wagering.  With fingers crossed, we at are finally prepared for a few weeks of exciting college hoops action, and hopefully you as well have checked out our featured online sportsbooks and have begun placing your opening round wagers.

While Tuesday is really just a symbolic start to NCAA tournament, as the actual brackets games won’t commence until Thursday, keep in mind that there are still plenty of sportsbook wagering opportunities around the sporting world to keep fans and online gamers satisfied. There are a number of NBA and NHL games this evening to keep fans preoccupied until March Madness begins to get into full stride. For this writer, sportsbook wagering on the NHL has become an almost daily hobby (or addiction, but who’s counting?). So with a healthy habit to feed, my first wager on hockey for the evening has to be on my favorite team, the Vancouver Canucks. Tonight’s game is an important Divisional match-up, and the Canucks take on the second place Minnesota Wild for rights to the Northwest Division lead. I haven’t been let down by the Canucks so far this year, and for the game tonight, my sportsbook wagering on will be for an under total points wager, as both teams have very good net minders and solid defensive play. To make it more interesting, I’m taking Buffalo and San Jose to win their respective games, in a two team, five dollar parlay wager. I can kick back and enjoy a night of great sports action, as I eagerly await the few short days to pass before Thursday’s tournament action (re-) commences.

There are some great sports match-ups in the NBA tonight, if that better suits your sportsbook fancy. The game of the night will certainly be between the surprising Miami Heat, and the Utah Jazz. Shaquille O’Neal has taken leadership role of his team after the injury-related departure of Dwayne Wade, and this game tonight in Miami should be game you won’t want to miss. My time is up for today, as there is too much sports action to watch, and little time left to spend writing about it here! Enjoy the start of the NCAA tournament, and get those wagers placed in our featured online sportsbooks for the rest of the scheduled basketball games this week. It’s going to be a wild ride, and no sports fan will want to miss out.

Aaron G.