Saturday’s wild NCAA action

With this NCAA tournament having surprisingly few upsets up until Saturday, those placing wagers certainly have a choice to make when putting money down on sportsbook bets. Will there be more higher-seeded teams winning as expected, or will today finally be the day that all wagers get busted as some mid-major teams root through the top seeded teams and ruin everyone’s brackets? I certainly have been shocked by the relative lack of upsets in the first few rounds of the NCAA tournament, and while everyone has been talking about all the underdogs that could prevail?every bet I had placed on an underdog to win went down in flames.  So today, I looked to do better with a couple of wagers placed on some great match-ups which will see a handful of teams headed to the Sweet Sixteen. Going back to, I took out my first wager of the day on the Vanderbilt vs. Washington State taking the Commodores with the points. Fortunately for me, Vanderbilt came through 78-74 after an exciting double overtime game in Sacramento, securing a bid for the next round. The PAC-10 is being whittled away slowly in this tournament, however don’t count out UCLA this year, as they are essentially playing at home and should overcome Indiana at Arco Arena. That game is just about to start?

Elsewhere this afternoon, there has only been one other lower seeded team moving forward to the Sweet Sixteen?if you can really call #5 seeded Butler nipping #4 seed Maryland 62-59 an upset. There are very few underdogs left year, in a surprising change of tack from the normally crazy March Madness season. However, sports fans have not been disappointed as the contests this afternoon have seen wild overtime action, and close calls all around. I expect more of the same in the UCLA vs. Indiana game, and thus have taken UCLA to win on a wager placed at The game has just tipped off and I’m fully prepared for another exciting contest between two storied teams with lots of tournament history. Elsewhere, the UNC Tarheels are duking it out against Michigan State, which could be the last chance at an upset tonight. No doubt North Carolina is very skilled and prepared, however Tom Izzo is a fantastic coach with an excellent ability to get the most out of his players come tournament time. Currently though, UNC holds an 8 point lead with a few minutes before half. Hopefully you get to see this game locally?I for one am restricted to only the west coast games over here and am stuck watching live updates on the internet. Boo.

Hopefully you have gotten a little time to relax, and have taken out a few wagers at our featured sportsbooks at There is a non-stop supply of fast-paced, exciting action across every sports league to appeal to every sports fan. Even if you’re not a sports fan, tournament time in the NCAA is ridiculously fun to watch. So have a great rest of the weekend, and thanks for checking us out!

Aaron G.