Casino wagering and sportsbook bets cure a case of the …

It’s a little odd to not hear countless screaming college fans, the sound of sneakers squeaking, and the non-stop motor mouth of Dick Vitale adding color to yet another great college hoops match-up. Since last Thursday, it seems as though every single day has been the most sports-filled, action packed extravaganza yet this year. With hundreds of sporting match-ups, sports fans packed our featured online sportsbooks over the last week, throwing down action on their favorite teams, while milling over carefully picked office pool brackets wondering which ‘guaranteed’ win would faulter. Well, at least this writer was one of those people, and needless to say I could use a break from the whirlwind action, no to mention the anxiety of winning a few bets, losing some, then winning again. As the NCAA tournament begins the Sweet 16 this Thursday, a nice three days’ rest from all-day college hoops is great for the players, not to mention the fans watching the contests.

For this Monday, at least I can kick back after having already placed a few wagers for todays sports games, and I’m prepared to kick back after an all-too-long day of work. With my Vancouver Canucks in action and vying for the Northwest Division title, I just had to get a wager in on the game, and hopefully the struggling Edmonton Oilers , who have already lost 10 straight, will help make my sportsbook account grow a little with loss number 11. Elsewhere, the rallying Pittsburgh Penguins are taking on the NY Rangers, with playoff implications for both teams. This should be a great match-up, especially with the likes of veteran superstar Jaromir Jagr and rookie Sydney Crosby on ice, and I would be surprised if this game wasn’t within a point either way. With a small wager placed and the Canucks game just getting started, I’ll head to the online casinos to check out the action there tonight. Nothing’s better in my book than placing a few sportsbook wagers, watching a game, and playing some cards from the comfort of my own home.

With that, I’m off to for a run at the tables.  As one of our featured websites at, I’ve had plenty of fun (and quite a bit of luck, too) to keep me coming back to this online casino time after time.  Though I rarely venture farther than the poker tables, you can easily find plenty of other games to keep you interested, not to mention a great sportsbook for all your online wagering. Catch up with us again tomorrow, as there will be many more NBA and NHL games to choose from. Thanks again for reading, and have a great night.

Aaron G.