Tuesday’s NBA, NHL online sportsbook wagers

Monday turned out to not be such a bad day after all. Not only was I fortunate enough to see a few of my sportsbook wagers come through on www.Sportsbetting.com, but my trip to www.Betus.com netted me a nice little chunk of change perfectly suited for use on Tuesday’s exciting sports match-ups. With 10 NBA games and 8 NHL games to choose from, having a nice little extra wad of cash will certainly come in handy in our online sportsbooks at www.Casinoreview.org. I don’t know what it is, however every time I get on the Betus.com website, my luck seems to come around in all my wagers placed. If you haven’t had the opportunity to try this online sportsbook and casino out, you won’t be disappointed. With that in mind I have taken out a few wagers at their website this evening, if only to show my gratitude for the money won there last night on the tables. Or that’s just where my extra cash is in my sportsbook account?either way it equals more sportsbook wagering for me tonight with someone else’s money, and that is good enough for this guy.

For Tuesday’s sports match-ups, continued wagering on the NHL will be on my list of things to do, especially after my Canucks came through last night. Placing a small 5 dollar parlay wager taking Ottawa, Toronto, and Minnesota to win on www.Betus.com, I’m ready for even more exciting hockey action again tonight. The playoffs are creeping ever-so-close, and with most teams having only about 10 games left on the regular season schedule, the action on ice will be at its very best. That is, of course until the NHL playoffs come?and that is a whole other matter altogether. Nonetheless, it would certainly be worth any sports fan’s while to hop on to one of our featured online sportsbooks and place a wager or two on tonight’s NHL games. I will personally be watching out for the New Jersey v. Toronto game and rooting for the Maple Leafs, who are trying to keep their playoff chances alive tonight at home. There are a few bubble teams fighting for playoff spots this evening, which will no doubt make for some great sporting contests.

If you prefer the NBA, you are certainly in luck, as our sportsbooks have plenty of opportunities for firing some wagers out for pro hoops. Games of the evening include the LA Clippers taking on the Bulls in Chicago, and Denver vs. New Jersey. The Nuggets haven’t won at New Jersey in almost 7 years, and this should be a good match-up to check out tonight.  With only two more days left until the NCAA tournament resumes with the Sweet 16 round of action, and only two more weeks until the NBA and NHL playoffs get under way, it is an exciting time to be a sports fan. So get those wagers placed, and prepare for a great week of fun-filled, exciting sporting contests by using our featured online sportsbooks at www.CasinoReview.org. We’ll see you again soon!

Aaron G.