Sunday comes with plenty of diverse top sportsbook wagers

What a crazy day it has been. Today is proof that just about anything can, will, and does happen in online sports betting on any given Sunday. I certainly hope that all of you were luckier than me today, as I lost all the bets wagered on this afternoon’s games, and hang my head in shame as I write this update (sigh). Taking two parlay wagers out at (<a href=””>read the review of</a>), and one more bet straight up on the Tennessee vs. Kentucky game,  my 20 dollars fluttered away as quickly as I had placed the bets in the first place. I took Tennessee to cover the points, which they didn’t, but regardless of that loss of money, I regained a slight bit of pride as #15 Michigan State pulled off a slight upset over #12 Indiana, but failed to recoup money in my two team parlay, as UCLA also failed to cover the points against Arizona.

On a day like today though, it is hard to really be upset. Not having to be at the daily grind is almost worth dropping a few bucks on some well contested basketball games. I consider my online sports betting wagers well worth it so long as the sports action is exciting, and my home teams don’t get crushed in defeat. One of the best games of the day happened to be between in the NBA between the L.A. Lakers and the Dallas Mavericks, taking place in Los Angeles.  While I can’t say that I like anything about the guy, Kobe Bryant can play ball. 52 points in an overtime performance win against the Mavs certainly shows just how dominating a player Kobe is, and the Lakers are starting to become a force to be reckoned with again. That, and for betting on sports, the Lakers haven’t let me down in about 3 weeks time!

With this little update, I pick up my pride off the floor, and await another day off sports tomorrow. You can be sure that I’ll be checking out the Dallas vs. Utah match-up, placing a wager on Utah to win at home (like they usually seem to do these days). Utah is a serious threat in the playoffs this year, and they’re home record is tops in the league this far. A great online sports betting match-up should never be missed out on and I can’t wait for it! So have a great remainder of the weekend, and hopefully for all of us, Sunday will bring better luck for all the exciting sports action in store for the day. Thank you once again for using for the best online sportsbooks and casinos the internet has to offer.

Aaron G.