College basketball at it’s very finest

It’s that great time of the week again when you can kiss you work goodbye, and get down to doing what you really feel like doing. For me, that happens to include getting in on some great college basketball action, as there is a plethora of great wagering opportunities to be had, and tons of basketball on television throughout the day. Now I understand that Fridays are normally for going out on the town and not necessarily meant for watching television all night, but this week and a few to follow are different. I certainly don’t want to miss out on all the exciting contests in the wild world of NCAA basketball, and there are just too many good games to justify going out tonight. Such games like Duke vs. North Carolina, Louisville and Georgetown, and Washington State vs. Washington are just a few of the exciting contests that should be well worth a wager on one of our best online sportsbooks feature at I certainly got a little lucky last night, winning the majority of my bets, however, I’ve still got money to make before breaking even in total on the week.

Taking out a couple of wagers at on these basketball games, I’ve certainly got a long night in store for me, complete with nail biting action. With the way that ranked teams have been dropping, I wouldn’t be surprised if the trend continues tonight. There are some very good unranked teams showing up to play, and they certainly have a lot to prove to secure one of the precious remaining bracket slots still up for grabs. For sure though, the game of the night will be between Duke and North Carolina, both of whose teams are playing great basketball heading into the tournament.  I will definitely be tuned in for this one, and I’ve taken out 10 bucks on UNC to win the ball game as I believe this team has a legitimate shot to take it all. One name pretty much says it all, and that name is Tyler Hansbrough.

The great thing about NCAA tournaments is the fact that every game is so unpredictable, and just about comes down to luck, whether it’s the on-the-court luck, or in-the-sportsbooks type. I will certainly need a little bit of both, as does anyone choosing to wager on College hoops right now.  What fortunately happens to be true about NCAA basketball is the fact that it is all worth it. The money wagered, whether won or lost always makes basketball that much more intense, fun, and rewarding.  This is certainly one of the best times to place wagers on our top sportsbooks reviewed at, and I certainly hope that you have good luck of your own on your up and coming wagers.  Kick back and enjoy the games tonight if you have a chance, because the tournament is just getting into full swing and you won’t want to miss a minute of it.

Aaron G.