Sunday NCAA Hoops action heats up

Oh what a day for Basketball indeed! With all the major conferences saving the best NCAA games for last, Sunday’s action should make any sports fan excited, and this writer certainly took out a few wagers for the day’s action. As a precursor to the NCAA tournament coming up very shortly, today’s games give you one more opportunity to check out how some of the better teams will be playing in the tournament, and how you might want to wager in those games. For me, the biggest games of the day would have to be in the WCC tournament, and the Big 12 tourney, as the Santa Clara vs. Gonzaga game should be great action, as well as the match-up between #9 Texas and Oklahoma State.  Even further, another great match-up between #18 Michigan State and Ohio State in the Big 10 Tournament will keep sports fans occupied throughout the day with great games to watch, as well as exciting sportsbook wagers to place. I certainly won’t be able to get away from wagering on these contests, and my stop off at (<a href=””>read the review of BetUS</a>) will have me anxiously awaiting the eventual tournament victors today.

There is little doubt the Gonzaga will probably overcome Santa Clara today. The Zags have made a great run for the conference championship, but when it comes to playing a team like Santa Clara, that is certainly a whole new bag of rats to deal with. It is impressive to see a team like Gonzaga shooting for their 5th straight conference championship but nonetheless, I expect Santa Clara to put up a good fight, if only to fall a little short at the end. I’ll take Santa Clara to cover the points, which is modest, on a 10 dollar wager at Elsewhere, I have to take OK State over Texas, regardless of current ranking. The Cowboys hopefully will prevail and win me some extra coin for my sportsbook account. All we can do now is sit back and watch, and hope for a little luck this afternoon.

These are exciting times to be a sports fan, and I certainly hope that you have been able to utilize the great featured sportsbooks at to place some wagers on College hoops. This week coming up will certainly be a wild one, and I for one wish you the best of luck in all your sports wagering for the week.  As the brackets get released, office pools get piled together, and the nonstop hubbub about who will upset who will continue throughout the week, it’s a great reminder of how much fun this time of year really is. March Madness is not something to be missed, and I for one will be placing wagers in every round of action, hoping that my bracket sheet won’t be flying up in little scraps of paper later this on! Make sure to get those wagers placed on our best online sportsbooks featured here, and enjoy the ride. It’s gonna be a bumpy one!

Aaron G.