The Final Four gets locked down in a battle of #1 Seeds

The two remaining college basketball games on Sunday leading to the NCAA Final Four were a continuation of the excitement that has been going on all month long. Though the Memphis Tigers definitively handled the Texas Longhorns, the game between Kansas and #10 Davidson gave basketball fans a true taste of what college basketball is all about. The constant back and forth action ending in only a two point escape for Kansas kept fans on the edge of their seats throughout the entire game. I for one was lucky enough to have my wagers placed on one of our best online sportsbooks reviewed here at (read the review of Players Only) as this was anyone’s game to the final second, as all should give their respects to the valiant effort made by the Davidson Wildcats team. In the end however, we are down to all #1 seeded teams. I would certainly say that’s how it should end up according to team rankings at the start, but this year it especially holds true. UNC, UCLA, Kansas and Memphis are the best teams here. Regardless of how anyone did in the brackets, trying to pick a sleeper or two, maybe losing a couple wagers here and there (as I certainly have!), or getting a big win or two along the way has all the excitement that online sports betting fans are looking for.

With the NCAA on hiatus until the Final Four begins later this week, it is a perfect time to focus in on the NHL, which is quickly coming to a regular season close in just a few short games. For Sunday, the NHL had a number of great contests; of note the playoff battle between Minnesota and Colorado, two great hockey clubs both vying for a spot in the post season. Taking an overtime period to decide the outcome, the Minnesota Wild overcame the Avs 3-2, making their playoff hopes more secure and leaving the Avs still looking to clinch one of the remaining spots in the Western Confernce playoff picture. clinging two points out with only 6 games remaining. Elsewhere, my Vancouver Canucks are just trying to keep barely in the playoff hunt, with their fate now looking better. With the Calgary Flames taking a 6-2 beating tonight at the hand of a Vancouver team with home crowd advantage, the ‘Nucks a return to the good side of the fight for the 8th and final seed in the Western Conference. Though my parlay wager was busted on the Anaheim loss this evening, hockey action is always worth wagering on in our top online sportsbooks reviewed on our website. It truly is the fastest, and one of the most exciting games in all sports, and this season has been great with changed rules, more balanced teams, and great divisional rivalries.

Make sure that you mark some NHL and NBA games into your calendar, as the few remaining match-ups in professional hockey and basketball will make for some great wagering in our best online sports betting websites featured at Besides, we all need a little something to do before the two Final Four games take place, and this time of the season is fantastic for placing sportsbook wagers. Have a great upcoming week, and check back with us for the latest updates from the exciting world of sports.

Aaron G.