Second half of the NCAA’s round of 64 makes for …

No matter what your passion for sports is, you can guarantee that March is one of the best times of year to place a few wagers and check out some great match-ups around the sports world. For Friday, not only a great weekend lies ahead, but the next set of the 32 games scheduled for the opening round of 64 kicks off early, and you won’t want to miss the offerings on the top sportsbooks today! Even the prospect of Major League Baseball just around the corner has sports fans scrambling to put together fantasy leagues, and prepare for yet another 162 game season with thousands of potential wagers to be placed in our best online sportsbooks featured at While I wasn’t as successful as I has hoped in picking upsets in the NCAA tournament yesterday (Cal actually lost, but UCLA just fended off the huge upset!), today is yet another great day for online sportsbook betting, and I will no doubt be placing a few more notes down for today’s match-ups.

Fridays are always great days based on the fact that there isn’t more pointless work to be done, and with NCAA basketball in action, it is without a doubt one very good Friday indeed. My overall pick to win the NCAA Tournament, UNC, made it through easily to the next round, and they’ll have a real tough fight (sarcasm?) ahead for Friday night against the 8th seeded LSU. By placing a wager on the total points, hopefully they can set me straight from the chunk of change I just missed out on last night. Taking a sports bets out at (read the review of Intertops) I’m all set on NCAA tournament wagering for today, and if you haven’t done so, place your wagers now before it’s too late!

Also in action today, there will be exciting match-ups between Wisconsin and Florida State, Tennessee and Oklahoma State, and Arizona and Utah with another high possibility for an upset in the last game. I would count on Wake Forest and Missouri to win their games against Cleveland State and Cornell respectively, especially as there have been so few upsets coming from teams that are seeded anymore than one or two slots down from their opponents. However, stranger things have, and do happen, so look out for more potential upsets on Friday night. I’m excited and I hope you are as well for a great upcoming series of college hoops. Thank you again for checking in to, and most importantly for wagering in the best online sportsbooks and casinos reviewed here! Until next time, have a great weekend and good luck in every wager placed this week!

Aaron G.