Closing out the Elite 8 and the weekend at

The two remaining college basketball games on Sunday leading to the NCAA Final Four were a continuation of the excitement that has been going on all month long, and as a god sports fan should be, I’m up early in anticipation of placing a few last wagers, at one of our best online sportsbooks reviewed here at (read the review of Players Only). Tom Izzo is one of the best coaches in college sports, and getting to see his Michigan State Spartans go head to head against the Rick Pitino-coached Louisville Cardinals is quite possibly one of the best things a college basketball fan can ask for. No doubt Magic will be sitting in the stands rooting his alma mater on, and I’m definitely leaning on the Spartans and Goran Suton to get it done this afternoon. In the last game of the day, while I like to see the big man match in the UNC v. Okalahoma game, I just can’t get behind any outcome other than a North Carolina win. If you haven’t wagered on this game yet, well, do it already!!!

Switching gears for just a bit, it is a perfect time to focus in on the NHL, which is quickly coming to a regular season close in just a few short games. For Sunday, the NHL had a number of great contests and of note the playoff battle between the Vancouver Canucks and the Chicago Blackhawks will be an exciting showdown between two great hockey clubs both vying for better seeds in the post season. The Nashville Predators look to sneak a win to further their playoff chances, and move to the number 7 seed in the Western Conference. I’d also never imagine saying that the St. Louis Blues and the Columbus Blue Jackets would make for an exciting game, but even these two teams are in the playoff hunt today! The NHL truly is one of the fastest games in all sports, and this season has been great with changed rules, more balanced teams, and great divisional rivalries. Look for more of this action today, tomorrow, and through the playoffs.

Another great sports event to check out today is Tiger Woods making a chase after Sean O’hare at Bay Hill in the Arnold home-court victory. You’ll definitely want to tune into the close of this round, with Tiger looking to make a statement at a tournament he’s won 5 times before. Also, make sure that you mark some NHL and NBA games into your calendar, as the few remaining match-ups in professional hockey and basketball will surely make for some great wagering in our best online sports betting websites reviewed at Besides, we all need a little something to do before the two Final Four games take place, and this time of the season is fantastic for placing sportsbook wagers. Have a great upcoming week, and check back with us for the latest updates from the exciting world of sports!

Aaron G.