Olympics conclude, back to full-time Basketball, Hockey …

The closure of the 2010 Olympic Games from Vancouver is most certainly like a giant exhale for the world of sports, however for online sports betting it happens to have somewhat of a reverse effect. With the return of NHL Hockey to everyday sportsbook betting as well as the upcoming NCAA brackets coming out soon, and the NBA season reaching the playoffs in a bit over a month, it’s a great opportunity to get into the online sports betting action at one of the best online sports betting sites reviewed right here. To add, the professional leagues throughout Europe continue to provide great action in football, which helps to make for a well-rounded day, anyday, when visiting a top sportsbook. For this day in particular, we welcome back the NHL first and foremost, with an opening wager at Oddsmaker sportsbook (<a href=”http://www.casinoreview.org/sports_betting/oddsmaker.html”>read the review of Oddsmaker.com</a>). Detroit vs. Colorado gets the first and only game back, and this one will be a good one!

There’s definitely buzz around the NCAA basketball world lately, as the start of the 2010 NCAA Tournament gets underway in just over two weeks, and many teams are trying to get that one last push for a higher bracket spot, or just a spot in the first place. In action for betting on sports today are just a couple of Top 25 games, including #25 Texas (wow how the mighty have fallen) vs. Oklahoma, as well as the biggest game of the day pitting #8 West Virginia and #20 Georgetown. With West Virginia looking for a double-bye in the Big East tournament this year with a win, and minus top-scorer Austin Freeman, Georgetown faces a big uphill battle from the initial tip-off. Nonetheless, I’m still looking for a big point total, and likely a big home victory for the Mountaineers, in Da’Sean Butler’s final home game at WVU. As we being the craziness that is March Madness, check out some of the most exciting action in NCAA hoops each day with teams biting to get a piece of the tournament pie.

In the NBA today, a great game to check out is the Phoenix Suns vs. Denver Nuggets contest, which should feature some high-scoring enjoyable action to watch and wager on. Elsewhere the Cleveland Cavs should have no issue with the New York Knicks even minus Shaquille O’Neal, and the Orlando Magic get a pretty easy road draw against the Philadelphia 76ers. The San Antonio Spurs outmatch the Chris Paul-less New Orleans Hornets, the Bulls get down with the Hawks, and the Portland Trail Blazers get a tough swing of things at Memphis against the Grizzlies. Any which way you slice it, it’s a new month, new online sports betting action, and great games each day to check into! Enjoy all the action of a new and exciting month, and thanks for checking out all the best top sportsbooks reviewed at Casinoreview.org!

Aaron G.