Friday’s here, celebrate with some exciting online …

It’s been a long and tedious week this week, so for fun addition to the start of the weekend, why not make your way to one of the best online sports betting sites reviewed here, and cash in on all of the fun and excitement of betting on sports in March?!? After one day of NCAA tournament action, it’s definitely no doubt why this is one of the most exciting times of the year to be a sports fan, as a number of wild endings took place last night, which should precede another set of exciting possibilities in tournament action today. With the second set of 32 teams going to battle in the opening round of tournament play, count on yet again good results from the very top teams seeded into the tournament, but a lot of questions for the middle seeded teams in each of the four regions of games laid out today. With even more solid action in basketball on Friday with a further 11 NBA games, it’s a basketball fan’s paradise, and there’s no better place to get into the basketball action than at one of the tried and true websites at the sportsbook (<a href=””>read the review of</a>).

Starting off potential wagers in the tournament today, look out for a couple potential upsets being watched, including #12 Cornell looking for its first tournament win against #5 Temple, and #13 Siena against #5 Purdue, who face being handicapped by the loss of their star performer Robbie Hummel. Other exciting match-ups for betting on sports today include the two Tiger teams getting down to business as the 10th seeded Missouri gang goes up against 7 seed Clemson. Missouri looks for a 5th straight opening round win, and with a well-matched team of players for Clemson to deal with, we give the nod to Missouri for an underdog victory, seed-wise. What’s great about the NCAA tournament is all the exciting teams you’ve never known about who get the center of attention, and a shot at eternal NCAA glory by making it through to the Final Four and beyond. Look for all the teams you haven’t watched, or all the ones you are rooting for to be available for online sports betting, and find out personally why this is always the best time of the year for wagering on the NCAA!

Moving around the sports world on this glorious Friday, find ever more great NBA action in store including top contests pitting the Phoenix Suns vs. the Utah Jazz, as well as the Charlotte Bobcats vs. the Atlanta Hawks. For historical sake, it’s worth noting that in the Cleveland vs. Chicago game, LeBron James shoots to become the youngest player in history to reach 15,000 points. With further games in the NHL, and even a few scattered matches on the pitches of Europe, sports fans will face a bevy of great options at top sports betting sites like the Sportsbook, so enjoy a great day of wagering, and a great weekend of more exciting sportsbook betting fun ahead.

Aaron G.