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The week surprisingly has moved along quickly, especially in light of an unexpected Good Friday holiday for myself and co-workers at the normal daily grind, and the action in the best online sports betting sites has gone as equally quick, with tons of exciting bets available at just about all times of the day over the past few months. With the looming start of another month, which will include the playoffs in NBA Basketball and NHL Hockey, as well as the conclusion of the NCAA Tournament, it’s a great time to check out a new online sportsbook, or if you’re a first time online sports bettor, try your hand at one of the select few, best-of-the-best top sportsbooks found anywhere. For today, our best-of-the-best happens to be at the sportsbook (<a href=””>read the review of</a>), one I’ve personally used for going on 3 years. Immediately offering the best service and great bonuses to make you assured in your selection, the sportsbook is one of the prime places to place your wagers, and feel confident in getting all that money back someday and more!

As the NBA is in full swing today and well on its way towards the post season, find the 13 games in store for betting on sports to have numerous combinations of wagers, and plenty of excitement between top teams at the sportsbook. The Los Angeles Lakers look to regain ground after a loss last night, but facing the Atlanta Hawks, who are 30-7 on their home court, is one tough win to take. Speaking of great home teams, the 33-4 home record Cleveland Cavaliers host the Milwaukee Bucks, in what will be a possible playoff match-up on down the road. The Portland Trail Blazers look to secure a playoff berth with a win against the visiting down-and-out New York Knicks, the Houston Rockets and San Antonio Spurs showdown in Texas, and the Dallas Mavericks and Utah Jazz each look for win #50 against Memphis and Golden State respectively. No matter which way you go for betting on basketball, it’s a great day for NBA bets at the sportsbook!

The NHL Hockey season is winding down towards the playoffs, and if you haven’t felt like getting in to the game of hockey, today and the month ahead will be prime time for checking out one of the fastest, hardest hitting games around. With great games including the Phoenix Coyotes trying to hold the Calgary Flames from a playoff spot, as well as Montreal still in the hunt for an Eastern Conference Playoff berth, action in the NHL will continue to be great today, tomorrow, and all through next month. With a great experience at the sportsbook, and all the great games available for betting on sports today, find out why right now is a great time to get down and get in on all the fun!

Aaron G.