Basketball, Hockey, Champions League action makes for …

Today semi-officially starts the 2011 NCAA Tournament, beginning first and foremost with the kick-off of games in the First Four as two match-ups dictate the final two 16th seed teams that will play the highest ranked teams in the land on Thursday of this week. Being one of the finest times of the year for betting on sports, you won’t want to miss getting your brackets in order today and placing your initial wagers at one of the best online sports betting sites reviewed here. With two games today to determine a couple of the final seeds in the 64-team tournament, it’ time to kick off the 2011 Tournament madness by heading to one of the best online sports betting sites reviewed right here, at the WagerWeb Sportsbook (read the review of WagerWeb Sportsbook). In Dayton, Ohio today, UNC-Asheville out of the Big South conference takes on Arkansas Little Rock in the first game of the expanded tournament field this year. Though perhaps knowing little of these two teams, we have to feel a little compelled to jump into betting on sports with this game today, as the start of the tournament has us setting sites on every available match-up for wagering possibilities regardless of knowledge about the teams. Going with the team coming in on a better winning streak, having played much better in their conference this year, UNC-Asheville gets the nod for the first bet on the day, and the hopeful chance of at least getting to taste the primetime, albeit likely short-lived as the victor will have to face #1 seed Pittsburgh Thursday night. Secondly for today, in a match-up we’re likely more familiar with, Clemson takes on UAB, a team that many regard as not being deserving of a bid whatsoever. Coming out of the ACC, and playing a good tournament to close out the year, Clemson is an easy bet to win this match today, and we’ll take them to cover the points spread at WagerWeb Sportsbook without thinking twice.

With NBA hoops in full swing right now, one won’t want to at least sample the action taking place, as 4 games are in store for betting on sports throughout the day at WagerWeb. While there certainly aren’t the best of match-ups on the court, there are some good opportunities to cash in on some parlay opportunities taking advantages of some potential easy wins for top teams. First up, look out for a high-scoring affair as the Indiana Pacers take on the New York Knicks, with the latter team already seeming to slip back into their lack of defense, win-it-all on high scoring approach that characterized their first half of the season. Looking to turn around against the Pacers tonight after losing at home on Sunday to this same squad, New York gets our nod tonight in a fast-paced game between playoff-bound teams. Next up in the best match-up on the day for NBA hoops, check out the Portland vs. Dallas game with the Trail Blazers needing a crucial home win tonight to keep them fixed as a 6th seed in a tightly contested Western Conference playoff picture. Sticking with the theory this year that Portland is the best bet at home against .500 or better teams, we’ll take the Trail Blazers to edge out the Mavericks tonight. Lastly in the NBA, the Chicago Bulls get a relatively easy home draw as the 1-30 road record of the Washington Wizards makes this an afterthought of a game, and the Atlanta Hawks chase Orlando for 4th seed in the Eastern Conference with a high likelihood of a big win at home against Milwaukee.

With 10 games in the store for NHL Hockey, check out the biggest match-ups of the day including Montreal hosting Washington, Los Angeles vs. Nashville, San Jose vs. Dallas and Calgary hosting Phoenix in big conference showdowns with playoff imlications. Add in a few scattered soccer matches including UEFA Champions League action featuring Bayern Munich and Inter Milan as well as Manchester United vs. Marseille, and there’s plenty of options around the sporting world today to find a worth wager or two at the online sports betting site found at Check out this year’s kick-off of Major League Soccer between the Los Angeles Galaxy and the Seattle Sounders for an additional soccer betting option as well, as the MLS continues to improve in quality and excitement year after year. Another great day in a line of many to come for online sportsbook betting, get ready for the NCAA tournament by getting your brackets in order, reading up on all the teams with a chance to make a Cinderella run, and thanks for stopping by for all the best places to place your bets!

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