Playoff races highlight action in NBA, NHL, Major League …

As the week moves along, the excitement for the upcoming Final Four in this year’s NCAA Basketball Tournament builds, and along with it comes more exciting competition in NBA Basketball and NHL Hockey as the playoff race builds to a climax. On top of that, with tomorrow’s opening day for the 2011 Major League Baseball campaign set to kick off a whole other world of online sports betting for baseball fans in particular, right now is a great time to be a fan of online sports betting, as the action is expansive and the options for sports betting have never been better. With the looming start of another month, which will include the aforementioned playoffs in NBA Basketball and NHL Hockey, the conclusion of the NCAA Tournament, as well as the start of the MLB season, it’s a great time to check out one of the best online sportsbooks reviewed here, and saddle up for a few midweek wagers on available games across a variety of sports. For today, we’re hooking up our betting ticket with the sportsbook (read the review of, one I’ve personally used for going on 4 years, and continue to enjoy weekly for its grand selection of sports and non-sports betting choices, the simple, easy-to-use design of their long-standing website, and the solid support set-up, including prompt options for deposits and payouts whenever needed. Offering a great service and great bonuses to make you assured in your selection, the sportsbook is one of the prime places to place your wagers, with a longstanding reputation as one of the oldest sportsbooks on the web, with years of experience in the sportsbook market.

As the NBA is in full swing today and well on its way towards the post season, find the 13 games in store for betting on sports to have numerous combinations of wagers, and plenty of excitement between top teams at the sportsbook. Topping the action tonight, start with a look at the exciting match-up between 4th and 5th seeded teams in the Eastern Conference, as Atlanta hosts Orlando with only 6 games to play and 5 games separating the two teams. Though it’s unlikely either team changes position in seeding ahead of the NBA Playoffs, this match-up is a possible playoff preview that no doubt Atlanta will look to improve upon from last year’s routing in the second round. Atlanta has been building steam towards the playoffs with improved play especially at home, and could actually take the season series at 3-1 with a win tonight. With the Magic not playing at top form, and the Hawks building momentum, look for this to be a close match-up tonight, with Atlanta edging out Orlando at home. Other games to check out for NBA Basketball betting today include the Indiana Pacers hosting the Detroit Pistons with the Pacers needing to pick up a home win to stay in the 8th seed in the East, Philadelphia and Houston clash with the Rockets badly needing to pick up a victory tonight in their bid for the 8th seed in the West, and the Portland Trail Blazers and New Orleans Hornets battle for 6th and 7th seeds out West with an opportunity for the Hornets to move above Portland to 6th with a win (which would put them tied by record, but give NO the advantage by way of winning the season series). Check out a plethora of other NBA games on tap as well for online sports betting, as with only a handful of regular season games left, and playoff atmosphere creeping in to every game played down the stretch, you won’t want to miss out on all the action before it’s gone!

The NHL Hockey season is winding down towards the playoffs as well, and if you haven’t felt like getting in to the game of hockey, the month ahead will be prime time for checking out one of the fastest, hardest hitting games around. With teams having less than 7 games left in the season, the playoff feel is with the NHL as well this week, and you’ll get to catch the fastest-paced games of the year as so many teams are in the hunt for the coveted 16 playoff spots yet to come. Tonight we’re eyeing a big game in the Eastern Conference as Buffalo hosts the New York Rangers, and with a win the Sabres could move into a tie with the Rangers for 7th in the East and help themselves hold back 9th position Carolina, who also are in action at home against Montreal tonight and desperate for a win themselves. Out West, a heated match-up takes place between surging Anaheim and the home-standing Calgary Flames, the latter team needing to pick up a win tonight in order to stay in the playoff race with only 4 games left after this evening. Anaheim is one of the scarier teams in the West right now, looking to win a 3rd straight at 8 of 10, and the Ducks could sweep the season series against Calgary and move into 6th position in the West with a win up north tonight. Check out a few games in the NHL tonight and squeeze some wagers in for the more exciting games featured on the betting lines at

Lastly, we finally get to turn a focused eye towards Major League Baseball, and the start of the 2011 season, which as always is an exciting time for baseball fans and provides a consistency of wagering options each and every day throughout the long summer months. 6 games get underway tomorrow to start off the opening day festivities, with a couple of classic match-ups in tow, featuring an opening series between the World Series Champion San Francisco Giants and their in-state rivals the Los Angeles Dodgers, an exciting East coast showdown between the Atlanta Braves and the Washington Nationals, and the Detroit Tigers heading to new Yankee Stadium to clash with the perennial favorites, the New York Yankees. Now’s the time to get focused on baseball, looking over all the roster changes and new permanent fixtures, as well as learning up on pitching rotations and offensive line-ups, as these keys to each and every game will be essential for making quality bets that pay off day-in and day-out. With plenty of online sportsbook betting choices on tap at today and into the future, get your wagers placed, prepare for plenty of sports excitement to come, and as always, good luck!

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