Playoffs continue with surprising wins and losses

If you happened to catch a few of the NBA or NHL games played on Tuesday night, you were certainly in for a treat. All night long, teams battled back and forth, with heartbreaking endings and spectacular come-from-behind wins. Unfortunately for yours truly, it was a bittersweet ending, as the Vancouver Canucks were on the heartbreaking side of things, blowing two goal lead in the third period against the Anaheim Ducks, then losing promptly in overtime on rifle shot from left winger Travis Moen. Sigh. Elsewhere in the NHL, the Buffalo Sabres were trumped by a no-goal call by officials that would have evened the score 2-2 during the final seconds of the game. Instead, the New York Rangers scored a big victory to even the series at 2 games apiece, and kept their playoff hopes very much alive. With my online sportsbook betting for Tuesday just about annihilated, only the NBA games would be left to offer me a chance to regain a little bit of ground lost, and hopefully make up for the disappointing finishes in the NHL.

The game between Dallas and Golden State was probably one of the most exciting contests of the year, and if you were lucky enough to grab a wager in one of our best online sportsbooks before the game, there was good chance that you came out with a winning wager. Taking the Warriors with the point spread at 9, at least one of my bets in our top sportsbooks scored a win on Tuesday night. With a 15-0 run to close out the game, Dallas squeaked out a much needed 118-112 win to tighten the series 3-2 before heading back to the Bay Area. Luck as it seems has become all too important in playoffs as every team, including the Toronto Raptors who held off elimination with a 98-96 win over New Jersey, has needed a healthy does of it just to hang on to their playoff aspirations. Even while betting on sports in our featured online sports books at, I had to have a bit of luck just to break even on Tuesday night. I’ll take all the luck that I can get these days´┐Ż.

Moving forward to Wednesday’s games, sportsbook enthusiasts will have even more great online sports betting opportunities lined up, so make sure that your wagers are placed for this evening, just in case watching the playoffs isn’t already exciting enough. Both the Denver Nuggets and the L.A. Lakers look to hopefully fend off elimination tonight, in what should be two great games to do some sportsbook betting on. There are also some great series in Major League Baseball to look out for, so just because the playoffs are very appealing for fans, don’t count out the MLB to provide sports bettors with great wagering chances as well. Until tomorrow, enjoy the great sports betting action, and we wish you all the best of luck.

Aaron G.