The Weekend is finally here break out your sportsbook …

Well, it’s official folks. You won’t have to listen to me rant and rave about the Vancouver Canucks any more at least until the next NHL season starts back up again.  In what was certainly an exciting contest last night, my beloved Canucks fell to a better Anaheim Ducks club 2-1 in the 2nd overtime period of play, thus ending their playoff hopes. However, it goes to show you that if you place your bets wisely, even when your favorite teams don’t come up with a win, a profit can still be made when betting on sports at our best online sportsbooks at  My wager placed to take the Canucks with the point margin at 1.5 turned out to make me a nice little chunk of change, even if my hopes and dreams of seeing Vancouver in the Stanley Cup this year fell quite a ways short of reality. It must be stated that Anaheim played ferociously throughout this series, and capitalized just about every time they needed to in order to pull out victories day in and day out. That, and the fact that the Canucks were blanked with a pitiful 0-29 road power play, could easily explain why the Ducks move on, and the Canucks are going home.

Elsewhere in the world of sports, big congratulations are in order for the Golden State Warriors who just embarrassed the Dallas Mavericks last night to clinch the series and advance to the next round of the playoffs with a stunning 111-86 victory in Oakland. Being only the third team in history to advance as an 8th seed is a tremendous accomplishment. We’ll just have to wait and see if they are going to be worth wagering on later, as it is uncertain as of now what the fate of Baron Davis and his hamstring injury are. However the playoffs press on today with more exciting action coming from the New Jersey Nets and Toronto Raptors who will square off in a game six battle tonight from the Garden State. I’m betting that this game will be a close one, as the Raptors try to fight off elimination, and my online sports betting will feature this game as I take the 7.5 points given to Toronto in this contest.

Throughout the weekend, look for exciting wagers to be had in our online sportsbooks, especially while the NBA and NHL playoffs are providing great action and good betting lines. With another few bets placed at featuring the one hockey game this evening between the Buffalo Sabres and the NY Rangers, and taking Minnesota, San Francisco, and the LA Dodgers to win their respective games, it should be a very entertaining night indeed. Check out the great wagering opportunities for yourself, and hopefully your weekend of betting on sports will be a lucky and profitable one. We’ll see you again tomorrow, and thanks again for checking out the best online sportsbooks featured at

Aaron G.