Sunday NBA, NHL second round action

It was certainly a great afternoon for sportsbook betting on Sunday, as the opening games of the second round in the NBA playoffs got underway with Cleveland taking on New Jersey and Phoenix going up against San Antonio. Being one of the most highly anticipated playoff match-ups in quite some time the Spurs v. Suns game promised to add plenty of excitement, as well as tough wagering decisions, for anyone planning to do some online sportsbook gambling on this game. For me, it was certainly that way as I chose to take the Phoenix Suns to win at home, but instead getting a strong dose of playoff reality as the Spurs played impressively to take a 1-0 series lead with a 111-106 victory. Needless to say however, the game lived up to the high expectations place on the series, as the 33 and 32 points put up by Tim Duncan and Tony Parker respectively, and the 31 put up by Steve Nash served to highlight just what kind of performers this series will draw upon for entertainment value. I may have lost out on my wager for this game, but it was certainly an exciting basketball contest all the way until the end, showing just how close this series will be all the way. Don’t be surprised to see this one going to a game seven decider, which hopefully will make for plenty of wagering action to come at our best online sportsbooks here at

The one NHL game on Sunday was probably one of the most exciting games of the Stanley Cup Playoffs thus far, as the New York Rangers looked to turn the series around at home to get even at 3 games apiece. Unfortunately for the Rangers and the New York faithful, the Sabres proved to be just too much, as the game and the series ended with a 5-4 victory, and advancement to the Eastern Finals for Buffalo. The Rangers really played well in the loss however, doing everything they could to stop the Sabres onslaught, but even the 3-3 power play by New York couldn’t match-up to the offensive attack from Buffalo’s Chris Drury helmed line. 4 goals in the second period really sealed the fate for the Rangers, who in European league fashion graciously saluted their fans at the end of the game in what was a true show of sportsmanship after losing. Fortunately for myself, the Buffalo win sealed a win to put me even on the day in online sports betting, and I can start the week out without any losses in my online sportsbook accounts.

Betting on sports for Monday night should bring more of the same excitement for those traveling to our best online sports betting websites, especially as Golden State looks to continue its already historic playoff run tonight against the Utah Jazz. Chicago looks to regain composure after an embarrassing loss to Detroit on Saturday, and hopefully to even up the series score at a game apiece. If you want some high-flying, heavy-hitting action to wager on in the NHL, the San Jose vs. Detroit game will definitely be suited to your liking. Check out these games, and many more offered at our featured online sports betting sites on, and hopefully sports betting on Monday will turn out to be just as good as it has been on Sunday.

Aaron G.