Second Round playoff wagering at

It is needless to say that so far the month of May has been a great month for online sportsbook wagering. With basketball and hockey playoffs entering into the second and third rounds respectively, and Major League baseball offering prime match-ups for betting on sports, no matter what your sport of choice is this spring you can easily find what you are looking for on our best online sports betting sites. For Monday night, two games got underway including the start of the Utah vs. Golden State series, who battle out a contest of two playoff surprising teams with nothing to lose. No one, including myself expected either of these teams to get past the first round, however now that they have, figuring out which team to wager with on a given night creates a bit of a conundrum for online sportsbook gambling this week. As expected however, a great game was played last night ending in a 116-112 victory for the Utah Jazz on the back of superior play from Carlos Boozer, Deron Williams, and Mehmet Okur.  Both teams spread the scoring and rebounding wealth around their respective teams, however Utah just did it a little better last night to claim an early 1-0 series lead. This could turn out to be one very good series to watch, regardless of the relative instability faced in trying to wager on it.

In the other game of the night in the NBA between the Detroit Pistons and the Chicago Bulls, excitement was not so much the name of the game, as the Bulls have come out looking like a last place regular season team instead of one worthy of the playoffs. Though this series may make for easy wagering picks without the need of any sports betting advice, in the end it also amounts to a disappointing playoff show for the actual game. Chicago has not shown any of its previous flair and youthful talent, as they are clearly outmatched by a hungry and more veteran team in the Detroit Pistons. I’ll take the winnings from betting with the line on our featured online sportsbook at (<a href=””>read the review of</a>), but I’ll shake my head at what is quickly becoming a wasted series. At this rate, the line for this series’ games will perhaps reach into the twenties, as Detroit has thus far averaged a 23.5 point victory in the two games played. I felt bad for myself watching my beloved Vancouver Canucks struggle in the second round, but the plight of the Bulls is almost embarrassing to watch as a fan of the game.

Speaking of Detroit, while the town may be reeling from an economic decline, its sports teams have never been better. The Detroit Red Wings clinched a series win over the San Jose Sharks with a 2-0 victory. The Detroit Pistons are well on their way to the Conference Championships as well, and the reemerged Detroit Tigers are looking good with a 19-11 record, which is at the top of the league. It would be wise to look to the Detroit teams for sportsbook wagering, as they are collectively tearing up the sporting world. With that in mind, get your wagers set for another great day of online sportsbook betting, and we wish you luck on all of your wagers placed.

Aaron G.