Major League Baseball, NBA Basketball wagering for Tuesday

Now that the first full month of baseball has come and gone in a blur, online sportsbook betting on baseball has become a little bit easier to decide on, and has seen some unexpected teams come out of the blocks strong. For starters, the Milwaukee Brewers, a team that is perennially in the bottom of the National League, looks like a team poised for the playoffs if it weren’t for the fact that the postseason in still a good 5 months away. Standing with the best record in the majors at 23-10, this Milwaukee team reminds me somewhat of the 2001 Seattle Mariners that managed to win 116 games, even though it must be noted that they were booted out of the playoffs in the first round. However, teams like Milwaukee, Cleveland, Detroit, Atlanta, and the New York Mets have all stormed out of the gates and quickly established themselves as the teams to watch when betting on sports in our best online sportsbooks at With that in mind its high time I did some serious wagering on Major League Baseball, in the hopes that some of the luck I’ve had in the NBA and NHL postseason action will rub off for my baseball sportsbook betting.

I’ve always been a huge fan of parlay wagering, especially when it comes to baseball. For some reason, this seems to be the quickest and easiest way to earn a good chunk of change with very little money committed in the sports books. Going over to the great website at earlier on Tuesday (<a href=””>read the review of BetUS</a>), I placed a wager first starting with the more likely winners (in this case Boston, Atlanta, and Milwaukee), then threw in the Florida Marlins to beat the Dodgers as my underdog in the parlay string. I’ll be the first to say that this is a bit of a hit or miss tactic, however, as Florida managed to squeeze of a 6-5 victory at home over the impressive Dodgers, my online sportsbook bet paid off bringing me some extra cash for future sportsbook wagering. I couldn’t be more pleased, as this is the first parlay bet placed on Major League Baseball this year, and nothing is better than starting off with a notch in the win column and more money in my online account at Sticking to three and four team parlay wagers always seem like a pretty good idea, if only because it gives the opportunity to take out a wager under ten dollars (in this case five bucks) and turn it in to a substantial gain (for this bet, a little better than 25 dollars).

A quick note on the NBA action last night would have to mention the superstar performance of LeBron James helping to lead his team to a 102-92 victory last night over the Nets. Putting up 36 points, and an even more impressive 12 assists showed what being a team leader is all about. With that, the Cleveland Cavaliers sweep the first two games at home to take a commanding 2-0 series lead over New Jersey, as they head back to the Meadowlands for game three on Thursday. Elsewhere, the Phoenix Suns clutched up to get even with the San Antonio Spurs, in what is probably going to turn into one of the best series to watch this postseason. A decisive 101-81 victory by the Suns showed that they certainly aren’t backing down to the Spurs, and that this will be a hard fought battle all the way. For Wednesday, make sure to check out the Utah v. Golden State game, and get your online sportsbook betting in place for what will be another great playoff game. Until then, have a great day, and thank you again for checking out the best online sportsbooks here at

Aaron G.