Thursday wagering on NBA Playoffs, Hockey Conference Finals

It’s a very exciting time for hockey fans, or just sports fans in general, as the Conference Finals for NHL hockey get underway, as well as more second round NBA playoff action continuing on Thursday night. Betting on sports is sure to bring more excitement to any game, however when the playoffs are at stake, it certainly makes wagering all the more entertaining. This evening, the Buffalo Sabres and the Ottawa Senators face off in upstate New York, in what should amount to being one of the best hockey series of this year’s Stanley Cup playoffs. Placing a quick wager down at, I’ve taken sides for the first game by choosing Buffalo over the Sens, even though I’m partial to both of these two teams in any other circumstance. However, with the young and still developing talent of the Sabres including players like Daniel Briere, Maxim Afinogenov, and Goalie Ryan Miller, Buffalo should be able to take the first game of this series at home this evening. However, Ottawa is certainly not to be counted out to take the first game of the series, and placing a wager on our featured online sportsbooks for this game would be a straight up 50-50 chance tonight. So far the Senators have jumped out to a 2-1 lead early in this contest, but with the powerful offenses that both these teams command, there may be plenty more scoring before the night is over.

For online sports betting on the NBA tonight, the series between Detroit and Chicago heads back to the Windy City for game 3 in what has been a less-than-spectacular series thus far. However, being one of the best home teams in the league, hence only a few points are given on the line for Detroit this evening. Chicago faces a do or die situation to avoid falling behind three games to none in this series, however I’m still going to wager on the Pistons in this game, as they have already shown that they are too much for the young Bulls to handle in this series. I may end up having to eat my words, especially going up against a team with a home win-loss record of 36-16 (ironically matching the total for Detroit), but Detroit smells blood in this series, and has a full cast of team members who have been in this situation before. Chicago is young, talented, and will be even better next year, but they have certainly met their match in the Pistons this year. I’m still not ruling out a 4 game sweep of this series, and I just can’t bring myself to wager on the Bulls in this series.

These two games should be more than enough to keep folks busy this evening, however if you are looking for even more action, head on down to any one of our best online sportsbooks for more wagering opportunities for Major League Baseball, which is always a good time. With only one more day left until the weekend, have a great night and an even better Friday, and thank you for choosing for all your online sportsbook reviews and advice for betting on sports.

Aaron G.