NBA, MLB and NHL Sportsbook wagering for Sunday

Hopefully you were lucky enough to take a little time out of Sunday’s Mother’s Day schedule to catch some of the great sporting action available, and perhaps do a little online sportsbook betting to makes things a bit more interesting. Because on this Sunday, there was plenty of sports wagering on hand, and the games being played across all the sports leagues were certainly some of the more exciting contests of this week. First off for wagering on Sunday was the match-up between Detroit and Chicago, in which I had previously taken the Pistons to finish off the Bulls in a four game sweep. However, as fate would have it the Bulls had to squeeze in one victory as if to try and corral their previous embarrassment, doing by capitalizing on a flat-footed performance by Detroit in a 102-87 win at home. While Bulls fans might be excited to get this win, my online sportsbook wager certainly wasn’t, as it was soundly defeated with the lackluster performance of Detroit. Oh well, at least it will contribute to Chicago saving a bit of face in the playoff race, and perhaps even make the series a bit more interesting even if Chicago will still most likely make an early departure as they head back to Detroit for game five.

For the Golden State vs. Utah contest, the Warriors fans could not help to stop a superior effort by the Jazz who relied on the strong performance of Carlos Boozer’s 34 points and 12 boards, as well as a 40 point 4th quarter that put the Jazz in control 115-101 by games end. With a commanding 3-1 lead heading home the Jazz would also take with them the money I had placed on this game, leaving me with slightly sour note on this Mother’s Day. Surprisingly enough though I was able to earn a little bit of coin back, as the other playoff bet on a California team did go my way at (<a href=””>read the review of</a>), with the Anaheim Ducks clinching a 4-3 win in overtime at Joe Louis Arena. This is a big victory for the Ducks, who will be welcomed home by an excited crowd in Anaheim.

With one more sport to try my hand at this weekend, I again took out a three team parlay wager on Major League baseball, dropping a small five dollar bet on the Mariners, Brewers, and Red Sox to win their respective games on Sunday. Going to another one of our top sportsbooks at, my wager was yet again pummeled by a shocking 9-1 loss by the Brewers at the hands of the New York Mets.  As they say, you can’t win ‘em all, and maybe for next year I might pass at betting on sports for Mother’s Day, as obviously my luck was not in line for Sunday. However, when at first you don’t succeed, try, try again is the saying, and more online sports betting is in store for Monday, which will hopefully have a better outcome for me, and anyone else who had a rough day of betting on Sunday. It’s that time to dig around for some more sports betting advice for this writer, and to all of you I wish a quick and painless week of work, with hopefully some luck on your sportsbook bets for the week. Until next time, thanks again for checking us out at

Aaron G.