Friday’s NBA sportsbook wagering action

It was down to game six for two NBA playoff series on Friday night, and hopefully you were able to make a couple of wagers on the game then get to sit back and enjoy the action. Rushing out of work a little early, I was able to catch the tail end of the New Jersey vs. Cleveland match-up in the hopes that this series might go to a game seven and make New Jersey into a surprising comeback story. With a bet placed on the Nets to cover the points at (<a href=””>read the review of</a>), one of our best online sportsbooks featured at, I was assuming that New Jersey would be able to keep the game at least close, if not win at home. Unfortunately for the Nets and my wager, Cleveland proved to be just too much to handle as LeBron James led the way for the Cavs in points, rebounds, and assists to clinch an 88-72 victory in the game and the series. Hopefully for most, this sportsbook betting done on this game took the Cavaliers to win, or with the points, as I should have done. It is true however, that hindsight is 20-20.

The real shock on Friday was the abrupt end to the playoff run of the Phoenix Suns, as the San Antonio Spurs decided to end the series in six games with a 114-106 victory at home. The Suns certainly could have changed the playoff tides in game five of this series; however, The Spurs capitalized on a tired Phoenix team, and sealed their bid for the Western Conference Finals. Fortunately for myself, I happened to choose correctly when wagering on this game and making my Friday bets just about even out when all was said and done. It’s too bad to see Phoenix make a departure from the playoffs, as they were certainly one of the more exciting teams left to place sportsbook bets on. San Antonio’s defensive approach to the game may be enough to win them a championship, but with a definite lack of exciting plays and quick up-and-down-the-court action. Nonetheless, the Upcoming Utah Jazz vs. San Antonio Spurs will be a great match-up for Sunday afternoon, so make sure to get your online sportsbook betting in order for that game.

Tomorrow night, the NHL will have one very exciting game in store for hockey fans, as the Ottawa Senators look to close out their series with the Buffalo Sabres. Going to, I have already wagered on this game taking Ottawa to finish off the Sabres and head to their first modern day Stanley Cup Final. With plenty of other sports book action in store for this weekend, it won’t be hard to find some great contests to wager on, so get your wagers placed today for Saturday and Sunday. Thanks again from us at, your home for the best online sportsbooks and casinos the internet has to offer.

Aaron G.